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Title: Seven Hours of Gunfire (Sette ore di fuoco)(1965)
Post by: titoli on January 11, 2008, 08:59:06 PM

I haven't seen yet the german Winnetous, but I doubt that euro-western went bigger than this at any time: this is bigger than both american telefilms and B-movies as to masses of bits involved, props, costumes, locales (of course there's the FOD Baxter-Rojo town). The movie is shot with care, the landscapes could easily be mistaken for american by somebody not very expert in SW. The problem is with the plot, which is quite uninventive and never gets you interested: you could be interested only if you had never seen an american western. he characters involved are Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickock (!!) and Juanita Calamidad (Calamity Jane: apparently the ignorant italian translator from spanish didn't get hip to the identification). So this is as entertaining as some minor american western: a show for families but no more than that. The plot is about the three characters above going against some weapon dealers who sells gun to the Indians.
Robledo (one of the traffickers) this time dies.