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Title: My Name Is Mallory... M Means Death (Il mio nome Mallory...M come morte)(1971)
Post by: titoli on January 23, 2008, 05:20:29 PM

This is rather an AW than a SW as far as plot is concerned. You have cowboys with cattle on the move, ranches,  move from state to state (of course, not moving from the roman country) but it is quite linear if not for a couple or more of plot turns which come unexpected and keep you interested. For example the  way you arrive to the first duel could be judged as awkward (or original), as you have the bad ones coming again after having left a few minutes before. And the way Woods talks to the one who wants to have a fight with him and follows on his steps, not stopping until Woods promises him death. And even the finale, the way the villain abandones the scene can be considered original or a let down. Anyway, it flows, and gets a 6\10. More had it had an attractive female lead instead of plain Giorgelli (how could she manage a film career is beyond me) and a good score (this is the most unoriginal Pregadio must have composed).