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Title: Devil Was an Angel (Una colt in pugno al diavolo) (1967)
Post by: titoli on January 30, 2008, 11:03:15 PM

There's a positive review of it at the italian DB. I have the feeling I must have seen it in a theatre when released, can't remember if I liked it. I sure don't now. Atr the italian site they say that the movie basic fault lies with the actors performances. I disagree. The main fault lies with the uninventiveness of the story. A confederate soldier is sent on a secret mission against the gang of maxican bandits which raids against all convoys passing in the desert zone near, guess what, the city of Las Vegas. Which, I presume, never saw so many people like pictured here before Bugsy Siegel's times. It is silly how the agent get himself accepted in the mexican gang (led by George Wang) and all the busineess with the gold prospecting. Even more stupid plot turns  later (the Confederate 7th Cavalry saves the hero). So the only good thing (you guessed it) is Marisa Solinas' face.
I expected even more from Reverberi's score which is far from memorable (in the scene of the hanging it gives you goosebumps from shame).