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Title: Ruthless Colt of the Gringo (La spietata colt del gringo) (1966)
Post by: titoli on February 03, 2008, 02:28:08 AM

I can't think of a single reason to watch this pre-Leone style product. The plot: unjustly accused of a murder, the protagonist goes back to town from prison, becomes a sheriff and defeats the real culprits. There is stilted dialogues (verging on self-parody), stilted acting (Jim Reed is a serious contender for worst-ever actor in SW) and stilted  sets (the interiors look diminutive, almost like a doll's house with strange paintings. The architect was incompetent or thinking of another kind of movie).
The score: attributed to De Masi and delivering at least a good main theme, but I have the suspect (as I haven't seen the spanish release) that some of the score might have been pilfered from various sources. Anyway you can hear twice the instrumental version of Morricone's A Gringo Like Me.