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Title: Magnificient Brutes of the West (I magnifici Brutos del West)(1964)
Post by: titoli on February 19, 2008, 04:06:12 AM

As far as western farces go, this is not among the worst. The Brutos was an italian comedy group of the '60s, which presented a very zany kind of farce, akin, I read in the wikipedia, to the one of Three Stooges (I never saw the last, so I can tell anything about it). It was a very physical kind of farce, relying more on the body than on the words, so it was good for western, If they had had a good screenplay and a good director. Unfortunately they hadn't him here, so many occasions for showing their virtues (the card game, the welcome in the town and so on) get lost.
The plot is the group must take a casket with a supposedly dead man to another town. They  succeed.