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Title: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: cigar joe on May 05, 2008, 05:59:05 AM
American Western directed by Dir. Bernard McEveety starring Chuck Connors as  Jonas Trapp, the Tiger,  Michael Rennie as Brooks Durham,  Kathryn Hays as Jessie Trapp , Joan Blondell as Mrs. Lavender  Gloria Grahame as Bonnie Shelley, Gary Merrillas Dub Stokes  Bill Bixby as Johnsy Boy Hood,  Claude Akins as  Elwood Coates . This film is another great example as to why the market was ripe for the Westerns of Leone, aside from a very few establishing shots this film is entirely town bound it feels like a low budget TV Western. In 1966 is was deemed by critics as a very violent Western, which is laughable now.

Basically Trapp (Connors) a Buffalo Hunter separated from his wife for eleven years returns to his town with 17,000 from his earnings, before he gets there he is waylaid by Durham, Jonsy Boy, and Coates, who accuse him of rustling cattle (how these guys are out in the boonies is a big plot hole), they pistol whip him and then Johnsy Boy brands him. When Trapp recovers he finds his money gone his wife (who thought he was dead) engaged to Durham.

The rest of the film is Trapp getting vengeance upon the three.

It started off promising, with an establishing shot of Trapp dust covered in greasy buckskins, full beard, hell even his horse is dust covered, lol, riding across the plains. It then pretty much uses all studio sets through out the rest of the film. The best bad guy is Akins, he plays his part as a part drunken bastard to a T. Bixby as Johnsy Boy is an impeccably dressed duded up dandy. and Rennie plays a more dignified dandy, no believable explanation is given as to why these three are together at the get go. Its got some action but a lot of it is somewhat laughable, you can see cables on Akins when Connors lifts him up and flings him into a back bar mirror.

Any of you familiar with Kinsky's "And God Said To Cain" (1970) will find this film very very similar in storyline and plot, even Trapps final vengeance takes place at night. It may have been the basis for the Kinsky vehicle, though the latter film is much more inventive with Kinskys individual method of getting vengeance upon his wrong doers.
Title: ride beyond vengence / branded sequel ?
Post by: sargatanas on August 14, 2008, 02:37:52 AM
just as we Americans hold tribute to  Benito  stefanelli , our euro section must hold mr. jack elam along w/ Claude akins and a host of american t.v. western characters all packed into one film. RBV. Connors had done the rifleman and branded and was obviously in awe of Italian style westerns although  in comparison our guys are truly wimps compared to Leone's mob of outlandish character actors such as Mario braga.  Leone is the Beatles of spaghettidom head and shoulders above any American effort after FOD his the streets.

RBV is a fun fun film reminding me of when i was young and the usual gang of  unsung cuthroate character actors who  held the glue  making the story work that never achieve the credit due. that's life. that's one of the reasons we need this board so bad to keep what they invented alive as all this sequel crap can just go on to the publick at large unaware of spaghetti's  mystique.

the director of this movie was profoundly affected by the great mr. sam peckinpaw who if directing could have made a much better movie out of RBV. sam got his start directing the rifeman.

frank gorshwin , an american comedy impresionest was outstanding riding his horse right into the bar and  demanding whiskey NOW  ! the story he had to tell still has me confused.

bixby is so obsessed w/ his wardrobe ( something ALL bad guys have personal troubles with ). bill bixby freaked out chuck Connors when he grabbed the branding iron Connors was about to use on him possibly to just scare the hell out of him as bixby had Connors branded earlier. ( this story resemble BRANDED : the sequel except how do you bard a guy twice ? ) and beginning burning himself w/ the the iron running off into the night. RBV knocked my sox off. just the frank gorshin doubleteamed w/ claude akins is worth the price of admission.
Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: The Firecracker on August 14, 2008, 02:49:54 PM
It may have been the basis for the Kinsky vehicle

And God Said to Cain was a remake of Stranger in Paso Bravo starring Anthony Steffen.

Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: sargatanas on August 21, 2008, 10:27:08 AM
excellent RBV write up whiskey man.... c j , lol  O0    this is one of the ones w/ ying that gave us leone's yang.     
Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: sargatanas on August 25, 2008, 11:17:44 AM
when i was young my grandmother uesd to always say " sit down and let's,  watch a story ".
RBV is  fun to watch.  a whole different breed of animal, RBV cruelity followed by forgiveness.  everything is in town.  the fight between trapp & coats as they totaly demolish a bar like a ballet , lol
claude akins invisible friend ( whiskey man ) is an idea gone wrong but an A for effort to mr. akins.

Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: cigar joe on August 25, 2008, 02:15:41 PM
I'm glad you are enjoying it,  O0
Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: sargatanas on August 27, 2008, 12:27:04 PM
cj knows my weakness for Americana television story's like have gun will travel rawhide wagon train etc.  my most sincere apologies for starting a thread titoli HAD so graciously started.  Mr. cracker my humble thanks for getting me straightened out. in this world there are two different kinds of people. everybody else and me KERMIT aka BTW. i'm guilty of not paying attention to this board. i throw mice elf in it's mercy.  :-[ ::) bummer w/ a Capitol B. hell , i feel like an idi...idi.....idi.

this film was originally called " NIGHT OF THE TIGER or NIGHT OF THE REPRISALS of the tiger " hence johnsey boy's cat finding affection w/ el tigre / jonas trapp. and what of " the night of appraisals ? under user comments @ IMDB here is a guy who was chuck conners' stunt double. i found it interresting. hope you do.  O0
I worked on this film, 25 October 2001
Author: Luke Saucier  from Florida panhandle

I grew up in Bay Saint Louis Mississippi.My Mother was makeup artist for the Little Theatre there(mid fifties).Under her influence I did my first role there(in my mid teens).The best character actor with the group was a man by the name of Mark Solomen.He helped coach me in my first role.At the time, he had just read what he said was the best western novel he had ever read.He ended up giving me the book. It was an original hard bound version called "Night Of The Tiger". I agreed it was a great novel even though it was the author's first attempt. At the time, I had no way of knowing that through a most unique set of circumstances I would end up launching a career in films myself(on Yancy Derringer, in 1958).Because I am a good horseman as well as a western type(6'4"anglo),by the mid sixties I was a seasoned veteran of the westerns of the era in both TV and feature films. In the early sixties I became friends with Chuck connors,and ended up working for him as standin and horseback double on some of his western projects including Rifleman, Cowboy in africa,and Branded. It was when we were doing the Branded series,and the time came for us to shut down for hiaetus.I was told we would be doing a movie with a thirty day shooting schedule in the meantime, and that I would shortly be called in to do make up and costume tests for Chuck,on lot three at MGM,with a skeleton crew. When that day came,I reported to the Paramount Sunset lot where I got into a stretch limo with all the key personnel including director, producer(Andrew Fenady),makeup artist, costumer etc. On the way to MGM the producer and director were discussing how meaty some of the main character's dialogue was. As they quoted him it began to sound familiar to me so I turned to andy(the producer)and asked what's the name of this film. I could'nt believe it when he said "Night Of The Tiger". Needless to say I related the above story to him. It turns out he had found the paperback version in a west hollywood supermarket while his wife was buying groceries. And of course he responded to the book the same as Mark Solomen had all those years earlier back home,and he went right out and bought the movie rights. On the first day of production I brought the book with me and gifted Andy with it. Andrew Fenady was one of the youngest and most brilliant producers I have ever known. In fact he and Nick adams created Johnny Yuma "the rebel". Who else could have pulled together such a cast for a "quickie" western. There can be no question but that this cast was drawn to the project by the power of the story. Imagine,Bill Bixby,Jim Mc Arthur,Claude Akins,Paul fix,Michael Renny,etc. The only thing I disagreed with Andy on was the change of title. He felt that Night Of The Tiger sounded like a jungle movie. This film remains in my top ten favorite westerns (with some of clint eastwood's spagetti westerns). It is also one of the most unique coincidences of my life
Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: sargatanas on September 01, 2008, 06:30:19 AM
this film starts out in  present day 1966. a census taker / collage student is being told the story of Jonas trapp by one of the townsmen.  as cj says jonas gets waylaid by three men who appear out of nowhere.  johnsy boy, Elwood coats / akins & brooks Durham / Micheal Rennie. they mistake our guy, Jonas for a cattle rustler and whisky mad Elwood coats wants to hang the well hung Jonas but  he gets johnsey boy to stick it to big chuck Conner's w/ a branding iron ! { conners next effort was the t.v. western " BRANDED " circa 1966. }  as Jonas passes out we are clued in on his past via flashback. how he came to leave town to seek his fortune in Kansas.

this is where they loose me :-X. how does the the guy behind the bar telling the census taker know what Jonas' flashback after going unconscious from the pain of being branded ? i could understand  a great story being told but how do you know what the guy who's relating the tale knows, in great detail, just what the hell Jonas dreams are ? my fists are clinched perplexed at this bit of shoddy writting

there are more holes but good fun spotting them. like all the liquor bottles used by various characters don't have labels on them.  basically what we have here is a 1966 chuck Connors western.  chuck really, badly need his rifle in this film which is really a 90 minutes soap opera. i got a kick out of spotting where the commercials would fit in. that and Claude akins as Elwood coats who has an imaginary friend he refers to as " whiskey man ". " did you here that whiskey man ? seventeen thousand dollars......where's our share ? " then he pours his " whiskey man " another drink and steals it back when he thinks the whiskey mans  not looking.   ;D 

Claude akins goes to Henley ( old cankerous loner / Paul fix ) to get his share of Jonas' $ 17,000.00 but instead learns Henley was spying on the 3 and nearly shot all three men  after witnessing the branding of Jonas Tripp. this angers a a drunk Elwood coats.  back in the days of t.v. westerns nobody shot anyone point blank. first, the routine would be to knock the person your gonna kill out with his gun butt. i could see how the infamous hays office would take a dim view if someone is murdered point blank. anyways coats ties Henley's feet to the horses stirrup then shews the hors and a unconscious Henley. this makes it look like Henley met up w/ an accident along the trail. plus Henley's body, after days of dragging Henley until his body is unrecognizable taking care of two problems for whiskey drunk ranch hand Elwood coats / akins who really looks like a Leone character. especially his teeth which look rotted out. 

i forgot to mention. in the end Jonas " pussywhipped { as if being branded wasn't enough } ",  trapp gets his money back but has gotten so much vengeance payback he flat out don't give a damn about his  $ 17,000.00 brooks Dunham stoled out of THE saddle bag you know is going to be robbed { the question throughout the movie is which of the 3 men or maybe Henley took it. a lame attempt somebody came up with  to cheer up it's audience w/ some sort of action.  jonas trapp was a high and wide man with a sucker punching habit,  gut lonesome for his wife after 14 years w/ not even a letter to his wife who thought  him dead and sucker punches jonas actually he IS dead.  Jessie trapp played by what's 'er name who was a a dead ringer for Liz Taylor circa gone with the wind. you can tell somebody told her this  and it seriously affected her debut performance as every movement is one of Liz '. i think theres 2 maybe 3 scenes shot out of the studio. also Jonas sucker punches anybody who's in his way when he's mad seeking revenge and vengeance.  on you tube there's a great 30 sec. shot of Keith Richards waylaying some fan who managed to get by security and actually run on the stage as the stones are playing. you don't mess w/ Keith when he's on the gig period. KR manages to unstrap himself from his guitar and use it as a battering ram on some poor bloke.... i counted 8 suckerpunches trapp gives in this terribly violent, lol film PLUS he's a south paw !  first he got mad....then he got even. he sucker punches half the cast ! i suppose that's the way it was w/ american t.v. movies that make a special point of staying IN the budget, lol.  excellent to watch this bit of filmdom history which was lost in the graveyard of losers until cigar Joe reserected it and made a totally successful Sergio Leone tie up  O0. without the ying there can be no yang. this sort of entertainmentpaved the way for Leone. just like before America was conquered by the Beatles in ' 64 up until then Elvis was in the army. buddy holly, the big bopper & Richie vallens ALL replaced with the record industry's " idea ( ? ) " of what teens wanted by smothering us with Paul anka, bobby vee, etc. england it'sself had the shadows and Joe meek no offence taken. i don't believe even the Beatles were ready for the nutty americans, lol

i just want to say one thing. if i'm telling you a true story, how would i know what the guy's flashbacks were ? that bit is a black hole from space.  the resembles of Elwood coats to blazing saddle's slim pickens' head bunk house buddy " Lyle " especially the teeth. i can see Mel brooks blurry eyed from 3 days of no sleep trying to come up w/ an idea for a character and saw this movie probably late at night and EURIKA out of Elwood coats we get Lyle who i Mel turns into the qusentual redneck.  and BTW, if this post seems overly long, you should have read my first, second, third attempt to get to the bottom of Jonas trapp AND his story  ::) i finally realized that's the mad beauty of this mark goodwin bill toddman piece of chit made for t.v. movies waylaid with overtly used sucker punches. a twisted slow going saga that brought back many memories of pre Leone days. it should be a prerequisite to force one's self to sit through this in order to MUCH further appreciate Sergio Leone's westerns. no wonder the theaters were packed so bad the doors had to be removed. you can fool some of the people part of the time or you can you can fool part of the people some of the time.... but sooner or later. we were board sick of the same formula movies and the stage was set for Leone to make history.
you can never go home again.  with 42 years of age this film RBV becomes a legend in it's own time... in terms of plot holes, sucker punches, whiskey bottles labels with no name. a league all it's own. it doesn't get any better. a film that desperately wants to entertain us. if anybody's interrestin-----------
all tongue & cheek aside go out and rent this one. it's history being made. seriously. in order for Leone to hit the jackpot American westerns 90 % coming across the airwaves, RBV  put us to sleep as sure as we were born. i think Leone knew before hand he had a massive hit on his hands w/ FOD and was prepared for the onslaught. RBV needs a hot tub bath . OMG  !  ::) what is that smell ?
Title: Re: Ride Beyond Vengence (1966)
Post by: cigar joe on September 01, 2008, 06:24:40 PM
i finally realized that's the mad beauty of this mark goodwin bill toddman piece of chit made for t.v. movies waylaid with overtly used sucker punches. a twisted slow going saga that brought back many memories of pre leone days. it should be a prerequsit to force one's self to sit through tis in order to MUCH further appreaciate sergio leone's westerns. no wonder the theaders were packed so bad the doors had to be removed. you can fool some of the people part of the time or you can you can fool part of the people some of the time.... but sooner or later. we were board sick of the same formula movies and the stage was set for leone to make history.

hit it on the head!

Yea its a very good example of the state of 90% of American Westerns at that time. I get a big kick seeing the quality of the "who the F cares special effects" you can see cables on Akins when Connors lifts him up and flings him into a back bar mirror. Priceless!
Title: POS
Post by: Spikeopath on August 26, 2017, 09:17:44 AM
Pouring cold water in Coldiron.

I see why some folk like it, the downbeat and harsher edges appealing, if only it wasn't so badly constructed and played! It is to my mind a classic example of the funk American Westerns had got themselves into at this juncture of genre film making.

Michael Rennie and Bill Bixby are badly miscast, Claude Akins overacts to within an inch of his life (a rare poor show from him), while Bernard McEveety's direction shows why he was more at home in TV work. It all looks desperately fake, the interiors of key buildings looking like Wild West themed restaurants, the rest of the exteriors looking like what they are - stages! (most likely built from Chuck Connors' woodenness) Script is weak, which leads to a story that is never once authentic in tone or feeling, scenarios that are meant to be telling are unconvincing and the action is laughably staged.

No hidden or misunderstood gem here, just bad film making that irritates as opposed to entertaining. 1/10