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Title: Modern Talking Video features OUATIA
Post by: Drizzt on December 29, 2003, 01:46:58 AM
A friend of mine bought the DVD of Modern Talking's Greatest Hits. Having been a fan back in the Eighties, I borrowed it. Anyway, I'm busy watching the video's, when suddenly, there's Jennifer Connoly doing her ballet thing while Noodles is watching. I pinch myself, but no, I'm not dreaming. It's the 1985 video for 'Brother Louie' and practically all the scenes between Noodles and Deborah are featured throughout. What gives??? Did they get the rights? Are they Leone fans? There's an old Rolls Royce/Jaguar in the video with an Oscar figurine as the hood ornament; were they hinting that 'America' deserved an Oscar? I was absolutely shocked. Last place I'd expect to see a Leone reference!!! Anyone have any info on this?