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Title: Return of the Holy Ghost (Spirito Santo e le 5 magnifiche canaglie)(1972)
Post by: titoli on October 17, 2008, 03:26:49 PM

Half mystery, half comedy this is not so ugly as I thought at the start. The loner (a masked figure all dressed in black) is stealing weapons from the US Army and selling them to the mexican one. Spirito Santo (Holy Ghost) is hired by local authorities to stop him. To do it he must reform his band (ahahah) and starts retrieving  his ex pards.
As said, it isn't that bad because this is so outrageous that you can't help smiling at some of the liberties it takes with the genre conventions, like the introduction of some sicilian paesants as avengers, ex-garibaldines, ex-Massimiliano 's soldiers and so on. Also, the fact that, though the action is assumed to be playing in Nogales, your eyes are assailed continuously by the green of the Mid-Italy country. Not a bad score either. So I give it a 6\10.