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Title: Harmonica's First Line/English Subtitle
Post by: Beejerama on January 11, 2004, 07:24:17 PM
This may seem like a minor point...but a point of curiosity nonetheless...

Do studios like Paramount actually follow the original script when producing DVD subtitles or does someone transcribe?

Reason being, I was watching OUATITW the other night and - probably 'cause it's the only feature on the DVD menu I hadn't checked out - brought up the subtitles.

Harminica's 1st line during the showdown @ Cattle Corner was scripted on the subtitle bar as: "Are you Frank?" (to Jack Elam)  

I always thought it sounded like: "...and Frank?" or "...bring Frank?"

Another example...Paulo Stoppa's 1st line to Jill as they leave the train station by buggy:

(subtitle): "What's your name?  And the place you're going to?"

(audio...sounds like):  "What's the name...the place you're going to?"

Kinda changes the meaning for the hearing-impaired, doesn't it?

Thoughts?  (...or should I just go out & buy some Q-tips?)