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Title: Hate Is My God (L'odio il mio Dio)(1969)
Post by: titoli on November 11, 2008, 02:35:04 PM

A family movie: dad behind the camera, mum and elder son (the younger, Andrea Giordana, wasn't available, apparently) in front. The result is as dire as can be. One of the worst SW I ever saw. The younger brother of a farmer goes back to town to exact the usual revenge against the ones who accused falsely his brother to steal his land and hung him. He is helped by a mysterious black clad killer (Kendall). The both of them are rather laconic, which means they must do their work with the expressions: they go on strike from the first. The scene are full of cliches, the dialogues are disingineous, there is not a single moment of originality. The editing is amateurish, the score it's not very bad but it was probably written for a comedy. 2\10