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Title: Three Musketeers of the West (Tutti per uno, botte per tutti)(1973)
Post by: titoli on December 18, 2008, 12:43:17 PM

It was a good idea to transpose Dumas in SW terms. And that's where the good ends. Comedy western is the most difficult genre because while one can persuade himself that a scene is good or not, in a comedy (and,as here, of the slapstick kind) there's no going around the fact that you have to laugh. If you don't nobody can persuade you that the movie is any good. I never laughed. Some of the best (though not brilliant) lines are untranslatable. Most of the time there's beatings going on but they only make you appreciate more the Trinity movies on the wake of which this movie was made (with much more production money you can ever see in a Trinity set). Rustichelli's score is mediocre. Only good thing is Karin Schubert's still young graces displayed in a bathroom scene.