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Title: Return of the Gunfighter (1967)
Post by: titoli on December 26, 2008, 07:17:05 PM
This was Taylor's last western as protagonist. It was made for television and it shows: it must have had the same budget of any SW shot in Italy (not in Spain). The only interesting scene is shot inside a stable which looks like one of those buildings in the roman country one can see in Fidani's movies. The plot is far from original. Taylor is on a revenge trail, aided by her goddaughter and the brother of his enemy. But as most of the opinions at IMDB seem to concur, Taylor is a pleasure to watch. Only Gary Cooper had the same kind of attractiveness based on just his expression: this is no mean compliment, of course: as long as Taylor is on the screen the movie lets itself be watched: it seems like he nurtures some kind of suffering inside. When he's not on scene though the movie it's nothing short of a disaster. And reading the positive review of it given by Brian Garfield I am all the more convinced of his bad faith: had this been made in Italy he would have certinly have panned it. Which also make me think it was a shame Taylor didn't come to Italy to shoot a spaghetti instead of this crap.