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Title: Terror of Oklahoma (Il terrore dell'Oklahoma) (1959)
Post by: titoli on January 06, 2009, 04:55:58 PM

Does the american title given at IMDB means that this ever distributed abroad? I doubt it, though I would like to know it. Comedy westerns were made in Italy in the '50's and of course after the SW's craze, but they are generally this side of awful. Even this one abides to the rule, but a look at the names featured in any capacity in this cannot inspire some curiosity in the aficionados. Lorenzon, actually, is playing the same character he will play in the '60's so many times, the gang leader. But even more curious is the fact that Stefanelli accumulates more screen time here than maybe the rest of his career, though playing a secondary role (his usual) as a member of the gang which terrorizes the little town (set in the Abruzzi?).