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Title: Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (...Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo)(1973)
Post by: titoli on February 20, 2009, 11:47:59 PM

This martial arts-Sw mixture is one of the all-time lows of SW (can't tell about the other genre). Still it has positive reviews both at imdb and swdb. So I must have missed something. Two brothers start a fight in China, one escapes to America and the other follows him to continue the fight: they will unite against Berger's and O'Brien's gang. My copy ended at 80', probably cut to fit in the vhs. For once I thank who did it. The soundtrack is very interesting, as it is a rip-off of the original recordings of GBU, FFDM, 007's main theme, Bacharach, Glen Miller and what else. But it is credited to the late Franco Bracardi. 2\10