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Title: Two Sons of Ringo (I due figli di Ringo) (1966)
Post by: titoli on March 29, 2009, 04:09:14 PM

I thought that after the FOD spoof and before that of GBU Franchi and Ingrassia had missed that of FFDM, leaving the task to Vianello-Buzzanca. I was wrong. This movie is doubly strange as Carnimeo is credited as co-director (or something like) with Hilton making an unusual appearance as guest star. I can't see though Carnimeo's hand in the movie, very much rather in the sicilian comedic couple vein. Still this is a bit better than most western comedies (though basing itself  mostly on verbal jokes), with a couple of scenes really exhilarating for the italian speaking public (the "anatomic five card stud" scene, already used not as effectively in another Franchi and Ingrassia movie, is very very good). The Umiliani score is mediocre. 7\10