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Title: Viva Carrancho (AKA The Man from Canyon City) (1965)
Post by: O'Cangaceiro on April 17, 2010, 09:29:11 PM

Two convicts, Red and Carrancho (Luis Dávila and Fernando Sancho) escaped when they were being carried to prison. They witness a failed hold-up to a stagecoach carrying $70000. After setting themselves free from their hand shackles, they head towards Canyon City, which is where the stagecoach was heading, as they somehow expect to get their hands on that money. In their way to Grand Canyon, they stop a group of thugs working for the local silver mine owner Morton (Robert Woods) from burning a group of peasant's home. Once in Canyon City, both Red and Carrancho do manage to get hired by Morton, who is treating the Mexican labourers as slaves. Carrancho appoints himslef "General" and eventually organizes a rebellion against Morton.

The movie is mediocre and the only thing that makes it watchable is Fernando Sancho's fun role, though it is not precisely one of his best. The stunts are of a very poor quality and the musical score is uneventful. I have watched the Spanish version (around 85 minutes) and I don't know if the Italian version of 99 minutes is any better, but somehow I don't think so.

5/10 at best