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Title: Seven Guns for Timothy (AKA Seven Magnificent Guns) (1966)
Post by: O'Cangaceiro on April 26, 2010, 02:10:46 PM

This is the first SW directed by Romolo Guerreri’s, and despite not being anything exceptional I found it being both watchable and entertaining. It starts with a group of Mexican bandits from Rodrigo Rodrigez’s (Fernando Sancho) gang killing all the workers in a gold mine, except for Corky the foreman ( Poldo Bendandi). The mine is owned by Timothy Benson (Sean Flynn), a very mild-mannered lawyer who does not believe in violence. Corky, a former sergeant during the American Civil War, knows that using the law against Rodrigo is useless (Rodrigo owns the law in that area) and more suitable approach would be fighting back. Therefore, Corky goes out and recruits five former buddies who are good with guns, knives, wrestling/boxing, etc.

This is an American-style SW, and the plot is far from original. However, and without being a comedy, there is quite a bit of humour involved. Fernando Sancho plays a very good role impersonating the very amoral Rodrigo. The rest of the actors are OK, but the movie does not give them too many opportunities to excel. The music is below average but catchy.

Something to watch when there is nothing better around.