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Title: Dynamite Jim (1966)
Post by: O'Cangaceiro on April 27, 2010, 12:59:53 PM

This is an early Italo-Spanish western. During the early stages of the US Civil War, Union Army representatives buy $500,000 in gold from a Mexican banker with a cheque signed by Abraham Lincoln himself. For that gold to arrive to its destination, it has to go from Los Alamos (Texas) to the Kiowa Territory, passing through 500 miles of Confederate controlled country. The Union Army hires Clint Sherwood (a guide) to carry the gold, and tells him that a woman named Margaret (Rosalba Neri) will meet him in the only hotel in Los Alamos and give him further instructions. However, a Mexican bandit named Pablo Reyes (Fernando Sancho) hears of the gold shipment and will try to rob it. Menawhile, the unscrupulous banker will try to double-cross the Union Army and will try to recover the gold with the help of his henchmen lead by Slate (Aldo Sambrell). Things will get even more complicated when Margaret mistakenly thinks that professional gambler and womanizer Dynamite Jim (Luis Davila) is Clint Sherwood and tells him about the gold.

Despite the promising plot, I found this SW below average with its mediocre acting, not very well directed, and a poor musical score. However, it has a few funny scenes that made it watchable.