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Title: Something big (1971)
Post by: O'Cangaceiro on April 29, 2010, 04:16:18 PM

I was looking in the forum and noticed that no comments or reviews have been made about that little gem. This movie does not score very high in the IMDB but it is one of my favourite AWs. Indeed there is not much action except for about 5 minutes towards the end, but that does not make the movie less enjoyable.

The story takes place in New Mexico sometime in the late 1800s. Dean Martin plays the role of Joe Baker, a man from the East who went to the West hoping to accomplish "something big". Joe Baker is a character who rides with a dog in a bag and his horse has two golden teeth. He leads a group of outlaws, and his dream is to steal a treasure from a Mexican bandit named Emilio Estevez. The problem is, Estevez's gang is comprised by a large number of bandints and he has a small village as his hideout, while Baker's men are about a dozen. So Baker decides that he can take over Estevez's stronghold with the help of a Gattling gun. There is a crook named Johnny Cobb (Albert Salmi) who can get hold of one, but he is a wanted man outside the territory of New Mexico, where he has been hiding for a long time. So the deal is that he will give a Gattling gun to Baker in exchange for a woman. So Baker and his gang stop stagecoaches hoping to find a woman to trade for the Gattling gun. Eventually they find a beautiful woman who they kidnap, not knowing she Mary Anne Morgan, is the wife of Colonel Morgan (Brian Keith) who is Fort Well's Commanding Officer (headquarters of the local US Cavalry detachment). To make things worse, Baker's fiancée Dover McBride (Carol White) has sent him a letter telling him she is coming to New Mexico to marry him and go back East together. So Baker has a few challenges ahead of him......

I don't hink this movie has been remastered on DVD and the only thing I have is an old VHS copy. However, some kind soul has uploaded it in 10 parts in Youtube. Here is the link to the 1st part, you will find all the others at the right side of the screen once you click on the link below.

This is a good fun movie to watch. I'll give it a 7/10.
Title: Re: Something big (1971)
Post by: cigar joe on April 29, 2010, 04:21:37 PM
I've seen it on TV probably pan & scan don't remember it very well though.
Title: Re: Something big (1971)
Post by: O'Cangaceiro on April 29, 2010, 07:50:41 PM
I don't think the original was widescreen, but I could be wrong....
Title: Re: Something big (1971)
Post by: sargatanas on May 01, 2010, 06:54:21 PM
i dig pan & scan. good to see dean out west again
been watching  too much matt helm movies lately
maybe SB will sober me up