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Title: The Revengers (1972)
Post by: titoli on January 05, 2011, 05:32:54 AM
I don't understand wtf people want from a western. I've only read bad reviews about this, criticizing the plot, the performances and what else. This is no masterpiece, it has a lot of stereotypes in character and plot. But then how many Ford movies are composed like that? I have read much criticism on Holden's performance: he goes through the motions, he looks tired and what else. I deem his performance to be his usual great: with a couple of moments bordering on the memorable: the confrontation with the mexican guy aspiring to be his son is as good as any you may find in any western and it is shot (fixed camera) and acted masterfully (BTW this scene is the reason I give this movie 7\10 instead of 6\10). The dirty half-dozen characters are hardly anything unseen, actually annoying for PC (Strode), french womanizing and you name it : but the scene where Holden is robbed by the bunch and then rejoined by them are very entertaining, like M7''s going back to revenge on Wallach. The thing that most disappointed was Calvi's score: in american, rather than italian style. Susan Hayward wasn't needed (the usual hollywood fear of making a movie without women). Borgnine is at his usual worst: a pity he had to sub for Heflin, who died just before shooting started. 
Title: Re: The Revengers (1972)
Post by: stanton on January 05, 2011, 08:34:33 AM
Ok western which has not much to offer, but is indeed better than its reputation. 5/10