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From Arrow's Facebook page:

We are looking into the French track, it's not within our rights presently but we're doing all we can to get it.

So this shit is coming out in July from Arrow.

Other Films / Re: Vamos a matar, compañeros aka Companeros (1970)
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:32:06 AM »
I don't know for sure but I think the problem is that basically almost all of their Italian stuff has been done by LVR in Italy and their scanning equipment sucks. The results vary a lot between the films but they would all look better if handled by some other lab with different (better) equipment. I don't know if BU doesn't realize the transfers suck or if they are forced to use LVR by the rights holders. Or if they care....

Reviewers who give good scores for the PQ for the releases are simply wrong.  :P

Inferno for example looks good but the scan was made in the USA.

Raro USA has the same kind of problems or actually maybe even worse. The Hanging For Django "new 2k scan from original negative" Blu is a fucking joke. They certainly don't seem to care. :P And fuck the reviews. ;) I don't know what lab they use but it wouldn't surprise me if its LVR. I can think of only like 3-4 releases from them that are good enough for me and the scans on all those were very likely handled by some other company and Raro just distributes the discs.

Arrow UK also used these shitty transfers in the beginning but they actually did something about that and are releasing quality now.

So Blondie's name is Joe?  :D Wasn't that the name in AFOD as well?

(First time I saw it, maybe the rest of the world already knows)

I just saw there's also a guy at who insists the Mad Max 2 Blu looks wrong so who knows.  ;D

But still, I wouldn't trust DVDs at all as a source for correct colors.

But what can we trust...

Other Films / Re: Cry, Onion! aka Cipolla Colt (1975)
« on: May 23, 2014, 08:56:43 AM »


Does that mean the film doesn't look like Leone wanted considering the same guy who said the original mono is there is also the source for Salvati saying yellow and vintage prints? ;)

Why would the mono mixdown from 2003 require restoration? More likely the original mono.  :D

From criterionforum from some guy who apparently knows things but I have no idea who he is ;) :

"The English mono was restored for this release. For the scenes unique to the extended version, the original mono M & E was combined with the ADR done back in 2002. Sync in those scenes was improved as much impossible."

The way I thought it is that when the prints for theatrical distribution were made those were made with Technicolor or Eastman color (fades way way more in time?) or whatever.

But I don't really know anything about this either so... ;)

EDIT: There's actually an eastman print of GBU for sale here

Some nice BIG photographs from the time they were filming the duel scene (JO at the SWWB gave the link): (The person behind the blog makes a few mistakes, the guy credited as Valerii is apparently Stefano Rolla)

Additionally here are some photos of Valerii from the set of Nobody (I posted these at SWDB last year):

Is this last one from the set of My Name Is Nobody? (the book has several more photos from sets of other movies)

But but...
"Because the dye transfer process used stable acid dyes, Technicolor prints are considered of archival quality. A Technicolor print from the dye transfer era will retain its original colors virtually unchanged for decades with proper storage"


And the new GBU colors are said to be the way they are because Salvati said yellow AND the restoration team took a look at vintage IB prints of the film.

Then again there's already one guy at who says his IB print of GBU does not look like the screenshots from the new disc. ;)

Also it has been reported the new AFOD restoration would be based on one technicolor print. If they are not reliable no wonder the new restoration looks so shitty.


I think SL was going for a sepia effect in his Dollars films. Salvati seems to think so too. Now that we can see the contrasting colors, the blues and pinks of the older transfers seem like so much BS. The flesh tones in these old transfers have never been correct. And Leone's West was a very dusty place. Bring on the Good, the Brown, and the Urological.

But Ripley Film says about their restoration "virtually faithfully reproduce the charm of the original colors of the copies printed and distributed in 1964, especially the reds and blacks. " They are lying? ;)


on an unrelated note: on Beaver's GBU BRD page he lists the European Fox Pathe Europa BRD from 2008 but not the MGM BRD: he just says he believes the releases will be the same, and that he will compare when the MGM version is released, to make sure it is indeed the same. Well, Beaver, it's now 5 years later and you still haven't compared? Even if it is indeed the same, at least post a follow-up note confirming that it is the same, which would mean that e.g. all the screencaps you posted for that European BRD are the same as the MGM one.
Anyway, can anyone confirm if that Fox Pathe Europa BRD is indeed identical to the MGM BRD that was released a few years ago?

I have the French Pathe disc somewhere and it looks like shit and all the screenshots from the MGM discs I have seen look the same (as far as I can remember ;) ).

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