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I think he was trying to make the point, that the North wasn't fighting for a cause anymore than the South.
It was aimless slaughter.
Northerners didn't treat blacks much better than Southerners.

It was about money, essentially. Winners always rewrite History so they look like the good guys.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re: Who is Half Soldier
« on: February 24, 2021, 06:59:03 AM »
Author Howard Hughes found that Alfonso also appeared in 1964?s ?I cento cavalieri? (aka The 100 Horsemen, aka Son of El Cid?).

Cool ! I will add this on Imdb .

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re: New 3CD GBU soundtrack release
« on: December 22, 2020, 01:29:36 PM »
the set is definitely aimed at the fan who wants to hear everything ever recorded or mixed for the film (which is me). For the casual fan, there is a lot of redundancy for sure.

I hear you and bought it.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re: Who is Half Soldier
« on: December 08, 2020, 07:57:45 AM »
Alfonso Veady ? There was this posted on facebook in 2019 :

"Spaghetti western
tdAaloSpopnreisrolrnc 7,ets 2e01dd9lt  ?

Por fin se ha identificado 53 a?os despues de rodarse y estrenarse EL BUENO EL FEO Y EL MALO al personaje mutilado, al medio soldado que informa a Sentencia (Lee Van Cleef) del paradero de Maria, la esposa de Carlson para el tema del botin....
En un golpe de facebook alguien ha informado que se trata de Alfonso Veady.
Perdio las piernas en la guerra civil y de vuelta a Madrid regento una joyeria, do de conocio a gente del cine.
Tambien aparece en LOS GEMELOS DE TEXAS de 1964 en una escena en la que aparecen cuatro cowboys juntos pero de medio cuerpo para arriba y el en el medio, seguramente subido en alguna mesa o taburete que no se ve. Seguro que aparece en algun otro film.

Finally identified 53 years after filming and premiering GOOD UGLY AND EVIL to the mutilated character, the half-soldier informing sentencing (Lee Van Cleef) of the whereabouts of Maria, Carlson's wife for the subject of the subject of the loot....
In a facebook hit someone reported that it's Alfonso Veady.
He lost his legs in the civil war and back to Madrid regento a jewelry store, met people from the cinema.
He also appears in TEXAS TWINS of 1964 in a scene where four cowboys appear together but half-body up and half-body in the middle, probably climbed on some table or stool you don't see. I bet he's in some other film."

 I 've watched Il gemelli del Texas (1964) ad I think Alfonso was in the background, in the saloon.Uncredited  tho.I've made a screengrab, quality is not very good but I didn't find it anywhere else.

Here's a comparison :

I will try to submit this on Imdb.

The quotes from 'Conversation Avec Sergio Leone' about the civil war :

"I've read that 120 000 people died in confederate camps like Andersonville.
And I didn't ignore that the Yankees did the same thing.We always know all the shameful
events from the losing side, never from the winning side.So i've decided to show this extermination inside a Yankee concentration camp.The Americans didn't like it.Movies about this war never work.Except 'Gone with the Wind ' but you don't really get to see the war itself.

"And when Fred Zinnemann tried to make a movie about Andersonville, he didn't find the money to do it.American civil war is taboo, because its reality is insane.And me, I'm always doubtful about official History.Without doubt because I grew up during a fascist period.
I've witnessed the way they manipulated the truth.So I'm always doubtful about the things they're spreading.It became instinctive."

"The last of the trilogy will be,  The GBU, the american civil war,  the shock between the north and the south,a new development of America,the reassessment of historical stereotypes.Because the true racists weren't the confederates.They were the yankees.To denounce this, I wanted to do the remake of Gone With The Wind, to get things right !"

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