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August 10, 2022, 11:30:56 PM

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Hello all, this is my first post, i just saw this film for the first time, forgive me if i dont know everyones name or i may sound a bit strange, but i got alot of questions about this film, first off, how does that lady who noodles raped/loved not age when he came back to town all those years ago?  WHy did joe pecie(sp) want to kill max's and noodles gang?  I never even saw a reason, it like they were friends and then he was trying to hunt down noodles when he was in that smoke place.  HOw did the gang die?  WHy?  did noodles set them up?  he talks about that, what were they going to do?  ALso, how the hell did max become a senetor?  WHat the hell was that?  Did he kill himself at the end by jumping into a garbage truck, why was noodles staring at it at the end?  WHo stole the money at the train station when noodles returned?  Im sorry i guys, i guess this is teh kind of movie that needs repeat viewing, please, can someone help me out with all this stuff so maybe the next time i watch it ill have a better understanding, i hope someone can or just set me up with a FAQ link ir something, thanks

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