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June 18, 2018, 02:46:35 PM

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Once Upon A Time In America / Re: Arnon Milchan: Super Hollywood Producer
« on: February 14, 2018, 10:41:24 AM »

Really surprising news - was following the story and the consensus seemed to be that  it was a bit of a fishing expedition
and would practically be impossible to prove they were bribes (not gifts) mmmm🤔

This other Great Director Box Set is shaping up to be the big must have Xmas release 😉👍

I think this is more to do with getting the films released in Italy under LFG Leone Film Group & their distribution partner Eagle Films (Tarak Ben Ammar) - not sure if it was always the case but Iím sure  LFG own the rights to all of Leoneís films in Italy.
Therefore I reckon these are probably the same films that we already own repackaged under a different banner in Italy - but for the first time in one glorious Box Set.

No objections Dave O0

It would be interesting to know why they couldn't build all the sets at Cinecitta especially when you think of the amazing exterior sets they built for Scorsese's Gangs Of New York?  Was Cinecitta smaller back in 1982 or was it just a case of other movies being shot at the studio at the same time?   Fellini shot " And The Ship Sails On" at Cinecitta the same year and it would have included a large ocean liner type set 🤔

Two hundred metres of 8th Street South and surroundings were duplicated by production designer Carlo Simi and his team on the outskirts of Rome (near Prietralata) on the Via delle Messid'oro. According to Luca Morsella this location belonged to De Paulis Studios - producer Arnon Milchan purchased the land for the production. Simi who was in charge of customising the real life period streets in Brooklyn measured these buildings himself to be certain the duplicates in Italy would match.

No they used two studios in Rome Cinecitta & Des Paulis
Cinecitta: Opium Den, Jewel Robbery, Peggy's Brothel, Reginald Marsh/Big Apple Mural), Hospital interior & Bailey's study.

De Paulis: Part reconstruction of 8th Street Brooklyn, Fat Moe's Speakeasy and diner, Gangs office and the room where young Deborah dances - the wider street/alleyway was part of the 8th Street Brooklyn/Fat Moe set and is where they filmed young Max and Noodles being beaten, 1930's Max/ Noodles/Max (hottest spot in town) and the 1930's scene where Noodles runs down the alley and enters Fat Moe's and presses lift button.

TBH Drink I had always assumed (until I read Fraylings Book) that they had just used one studio in Rome.

Drink I think I remember reading in Fraylings Book that there was a street in Williamsburg next to Fat Moe's but it wasn't wide enough for Leone's  camera set ups, crews, lighting etc - the wider street was built alongside Fat Moe's bar at a De Paulis Studios on the outskirts of Rome (Prietralata)
It was used to great effect in the scene where the young Noodles/Max are beaten up by Bugsy and his gang O0

Yeah that was great Chris - I think the only time Leone really lost it (according to Tonino Delli Colli) was up on the camera crane during the filming of the big 1920's crowd scene in Brooklyn - after lots of exhausting takes and just when it looked liked they had finally got it Sergio noticed one of the extras had looked up at the camera 😁

Yeah that scene was filmed in an old abattoir/slaughterhouse in Rome Chris - seemingly there was rats everywhere and Leone took great pleasure in telling the crew "that they were so big they were giving the cats heart attacks"  ;D ;D

Once Upon A Time In America / Re: Homeland
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:05:20 PM »
I get that Nov O0
But we're on to what the 6th season?
If anyone was thinking (now) of watching Homeland and googled  "TV Homeland" it would be very difficult not to catch a spoiler💡
I made a simple mistake & apologised for it - but let's not make a movie out of it!
Plus the stuff that comes after what was "mentioned earlier"  IMHO is far superior and worth watching just for that particular story/stories thread O0

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