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Once Upon A Time In America / Re:OUATIA filming locations
« on: March 29, 2004, 02:34:22 PM »
As Cigar Joe and the Times have pointed out the iconic shot is taken from Washington Street, which runs N-S.  The block between Water and Plymouth Streets will get you the optimum view and/or photo opportunity.

By subway, take the F train (orange) to York Street or A or C trains (blue) to High Street/Brooklyn Bridge.  Both will get you pretty close to the action.

When in DUMBO, visit Jacques Torres Chocolate (66 Water Street) for some of the best chocolate anywhere, Grimaldi's Pizza (19 Old Fulton Street) which many consider the best pizza in NY, and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (Fulton Ferry Landing, Old Fulton/Water Sts.).

This is a great neighborhood to walk around in, with countless photo opportunities.  Much of the streets are still cobblestone and much of the architecture is of the landmarked quality.  

Brooklyn Heights is right next door and offers a plethora of gorgeous views (courtesy of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade), 5-10 minutes walk from the Washington Street location.  Plenty of beautiful, historic homes with the requisite gas lamps, cobblestone, etc.


Once Upon A Time In America / Re:OUATIA filming locations
« on: July 15, 2003, 01:02:13 PM »
Cigar Joe,

Water Street is, in fact, in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, not Williamsburg.  Bugsy's death is filmed here.  DUMBO is south of Williamsburg, and both the Manhattan & Brooklyn Bridges tower over it.  

DUMBO and Williamsburg are actually 3-5 miles apart, though one would not know this from watching the film, which sort've combines several Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods into one, mythical old world New York.    

Other scenes, such as Noodles and Max's first meeting were shot on the Williamsburg street set (South 8th Street, by the Williamsburg Bridge).

Cafe Fanelli is a great location--it was put to great use in a memorable sequence in the Irish mob thriller State of Grace.  

If you are in Williamsburg or anywhere near it, you must go to the famed Peter Luger for some of the best steak you will ever enjoy.  On top of that, it is one of the oldest establishments in New York (est. 1887), and still retains its old world feel.

Happy location hunting, Poppyseed.


Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Filming Locations
« on: June 20, 2003, 07:45:21 PM »
The 1923 scenes that were shot in NY are in the Williamsburg and Dumbo sections of Brooklyn.  One can distinguish the authentic NY location shots because they contain glimpses of the iconic and recognizable Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges.  

The drunk is rolled on a street in Williamsburg (one site claims South 8th Street) and the Williamsburg Bridge and old Williamsburgh Savings Bank are present in several shots in this sequence.

The familiar poster art was shot in Dumbo (Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) in front of the Manhattan Bridge.  Images just like poster artwork are a postcard favorite in the area.  Atleast some of the scene containing Bugsy's death were shot here as well--we know this because of the many glimpses we see of the Manhattan Bridge.

Take a look at this link:


Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Death Of James Hayden?
« on: June 20, 2003, 07:32:17 PM »
Hayden died during a Broadway run of "American Buffalo," in which he starred with close friend and mentor Al Pacino.  His character, Bobby, was a heroin addict.  Hayden had stated that he dedicated his performances to a close friend who had died of a heroin overdose.  In November of 1983, in his apartment, after the night's performance, Hayden died of a heroin overdose while on the phone with his estranged wife. He was 29 years old.  Hayden had led a very interesting life prior to becoming an actor.  As a very young man, he served in Vietnam during the last year or so of the conflict.  You'll have to forgive me for being somewhat hazy about the specifics--I'm remembering the details of the original NY Times obituary for the actor.

Recently, a play entitled "Actor Found Dead" and based on Hayden's life was performed off-Broadway.  A screenplay written with the cooperation of Hayden's wife is also underway.

A portion of a Pacino biography details his sadness and dismay upon hearing of Hayden's death, while on the set of "Scarface."  Hayden had been disappointed about not getting the part that was eventually awarded to Steven Bauer.  His disappointment dissipated with the casting in "OUaTiA."


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