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For a Few Dollars More / Re: Poster scene: or Leone's greatness
« on: July 05, 2007, 03:40:43 PM »
I saw this movie once again, well not whole just best parts, so about 2/3 of the movie... :D, and I decided to watch the scene with a Indio's portret.
First came Manco, camera took his POV so we can see Indio's diabolical face all over the screen. And then we have Sergio's masterful eye for a little details. Camera slowly moves up, only to end up focusing to 10.000 REWARD.
Then camera is switched to another scene, and we are able to see col. Mortimer's reaction. Again, we have camera taking over col. Mortimer's point of view, as he looks at Indio's face, just like Manco. But this time, collonel's eyes (and camera too) are moving down, to the end of the poster, and camera is now focused on this words: WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE.
What does this all mean to us. We see now that they inspect the same poster, but for a very different reasons.
Well this is the first hint in the movie that provides us with informations that Manco is here primarily for the money, and col. Mortimer is here because something else. His eyes are not fixed on the 10.000 REWARD, but on the fact that Indio escaped from prison, and now he must find him, DEAD OR ALIVE.
But this hint is so subtle, so you can easily overlook it. And the fact that this scene has no dialog whatsoever, (show, don't tell)-Sergio is the master for thiese sort of things, so we can easily miss something important. And important it is, especially in  combination with Manco/Mortimer conversation just after their "shooting hat" game, and the second hidden clue.
Manco said something like this: "When I get my hands on Indio's MONEY I will buy ranch and maybe settle down".
Mortimer then replies: "Not if I get my hand on Indio first. I cannot quote Mortimer's words exactly but it is obvious that there is no word MONEY attached with the name Indio. That means Mortimer wants Indio, and money is not important.

Hi there to everybody! The so "called poster" scene is a great scene indeed's not an original idea of Sergio Leone!
It's a tribute to a great russian, Lev Kuleshov, who worked with Eisenstein among others...
It's an editing effect, a formal effect: a shot of Clint, a shot of Indio and his value, a shot of Van Cleef, a shot of Indio and the words:-Dead of alive, finis. By a pure formal effect of editing Leone tells us the difference between the main caracters of FAFDM...No surprise at the end when Mortimer refuses the money: he wanted only El Indio dead, not alive!
Best regards.

You are right again Ramon: I think that this location is in Italy, near Rome and Elios Studios where was shot the first hanging of Tuco (the second was in El Paso set, the third in Higo Seco in Cabo de Gata, near Albaricoques and Fernan Perez, u know) but I have not the proof: too much "dineros" are wanted to make trips over the world to search Leone locations!!! ;D
Another very important location is White Rocks set: prof. Frayling says that is the El Paso set but I don't agree.
Maybe White Rocks was shot partly in Italy partly in Spain: when il Monco arrives in the rainstorm was shot in Spain (Colmenar?), when he goes away was shot in Italy, maybe near the location asked in this topic.
An intriguing possibility!

You are right Ramon! ;)

Please, before to speak, watch the whole page!
It's not a simple image... :( :( :( The question is the title of the image...

For a Few Dollars More / Re:The Man With No Name
« on: November 15, 2002, 01:36:08 PM »
Monco also means another thing: FAFDM was in 1965 the "sequel" of FOD. In this film Mario Brega beats Joe's hand with this heel...and in the following film Joe is Monco, while Chico becames Nino with a ugly wound in his face, this also caused by Joe in the previous film! and so on...Many of the actors of FOD resurrect in FAFDM!!!

For a Few Dollars More / Re:FaFDM DVD - Missing scene?
« on: November 15, 2002, 01:29:03 PM »
You are right, the scene is missing in DVD. It's the international version of the film: in the italian vhs the scene is present and also when Clint enters the saloon in White Rocks the scene is cut during the's a pity! The scene with Clint and Mara Krupp in bed was shot but never released in Italy and elsewhere.

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