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General Discussion / I hate it when SW's are made "campy"
« on: July 29, 2005, 06:15:47 PM »
Argh, yet another insult to Spaghetti Western's happened today >:( Because we have a long weekend up here in Canaduh, the police are staked out on the highway and stopping people to check out their cars. They seem to find a lot of people with rusted-floorboards and steering wheels held on with duct-tape. Anyway, on the news they said they are calling the blitz, "The Good, The Bad, and The Rusty"! Grrrr... I don't like it when dumb people imitate a SW but have no idea what a SW is. There is a also commercial for MapleLeaf brand chicken and two guys are in the grocery store, standing in front of the last pack of chicken and  Dollars- film type music palys. And that stoopid Round-up commercial with a line of guys standing against a sunset, shooting weeds with pesticide and SW music plays.

Look at how Leone and SW have influenced Westerns forever. This is proof, but why do dumb people take that influence and talent and turn it into an ad for chicken?

General Discussion / Here's one for you that you might not have seen
« on: July 21, 2005, 11:07:13 AM »
Has anyone seen "Kid Vengeance"? I got it for 2 dollars when this movie store went under and it's actually really good. The cast is pretty funny. It has Lee Van Cleef (that's why I got it) who plays the leader of this Mexican gang. Leif Garret ahahahhaha I know I know but it was when he was about 11 and he plays a kid whose family is killed by Lee and then goes out to kill him and his band with the help of all people but Jim "The Refrigerator" Brown. It was filmed in Israel and I quite like it.

Also, another unlikely gem is "Barbarosa" with Gary Busey and Willie Nelson. I love it.

General Discussion / Book out of print? Trying to find
« on: July 15, 2005, 08:17:53 PM »
Hi Everyone,
I stumbled across this site and I have so much respect for you fellow Spaghetti Western fans. I have been obscessed Spaghetti Westerns all my life. I must think about them everyday and I went into the film business hoping someday to direct one. I went through a bad year last year and wrote a letter to "Tuco" asking his advice. And Eli Wallach was such a great guy he sent me back a photo that said "Best wishes and don't give up!" When I was 15 I wrote to Clint and he sent me back a photo too.  I wish Sergio was still here, I wonder what he'd direct now. Do you think he'd direct a film that reflects on our times now?

Anyway, I have a question. Years ago, when I was in a used bookstore and was drooling over a Klaus Kinski original print Saurkraut Western poster, I found a used book that was titled "500 Spaghetti Westerns?? Or maybe 600?? Does this sound familiar to anyone? I didn't have the cash back then and could kick myself now, but I'd love to track down a copy.  Also, if anyone has a copy of Werner Herzog's "Burden of Dream's" with Klaus Kinski, I'd be very interested.

Thanks for your help

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