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Once Upon A Time In America / Many question from new fan
« on: February 10, 2003, 07:37:23 PM »
Hi Guys
   Im kind of a new fan. Last summer i started watching Leone films and I was blown away. Well, this Christmas, my dad got a VHS of OUATIA. I was stunned it was such an awesome movie. Anyways, i got a DVD player for christmas, and so now being the dvd buff i am, Ive been trying to find some sort legitimate copy of the movie on dvd. i know you've listed a few places to get portuguese ones and whatnot, but i didn't know if there are any major editing differences between the 226 minute Warner brothers one i have seen and the foreign versions. I wanted to make sure before i attempt to purchase it. also, i have heard rumors there are even longer versions available in europe. Ive heard 235 and longer, and i even heard someone mention a european 7 hour directors cut which just sounds crazy but i wouldnt put it past them. any info?
thanks guys.

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