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Off-Topic Discussion / Leone and Pirates
« on: June 12, 2011, 03:17:51 PM »
I know Pirate of the carribbean is not everyones cup of tea, but I really like this bunch of movies
all the more so due to the Leone tie ins.
Sparrow and Tuco
the tip of the cap to once upon a time in the west in Worlds end
the watches For a Few Dollars More
And the great music score.
Its all just great fun, but I like the undertones that you can see in the films
Leone could have made these and they would have been classics

Once Upon A Time In The West / Navajo trail
« on: May 10, 2007, 03:26:04 PM »
Hey guys have any of you been to the Navajo homes in the cliffs where Frank kicks Mortons crutch away, I went folk also there must have thought I was a lunatic mumbling away to myself as I talked through the scene in the same place as Frank hahaha

Film Locations / the arch
« on: May 09, 2007, 04:05:13 PM »
Hi everyone have been away a while and the best of it was last week went to Monument Valley and visited the old arch, got the old blood boiling with the CD on and everything.
For them thats been the broken bottles are still all over the place but when we left I was chatting to a redskin on a stall at the turn off and he says that its sure a busy place to be as loads of people go their.
A thought has come to me, should we not at this site get together a fund or somthing to have the dam thing re built and a plackard placed their, it would not cost that much and I am sure the right approach to the locals would ease the way, now that would be a fitting tribute to Leone in  America.

Off-Topic Discussion / Sharkeys Machine
« on: October 04, 2006, 04:14:09 PM »
I know Burt Reynolds is not everyones cup of tea, and boy has he made some howlers over the years but Sharkeys Machine holds a special place in my collection, I know its a bit sentimental at times but I love the bit of comedy that goes along with the action and boy oh boy have you ever seen a killer in the end that takes so many hits before going down.
anyone else like it?

Off-Topic Discussion / LETS HAVE BIT OF FUN
« on: September 18, 2006, 03:14:26 PM »
I was laying awake in bed last night as you do thinking about films in general as you do once the nearest and dearest is asleep and I started thinking about all the great movies over the years and how you could ruin them just by putting the totally wrong actor or actresses in the lead role.
So hears my pitch hope you get some laughs as you think about how these guys act and how they would destroy the roles and think up some others.

1. Ghandi   Arnold Swartzenegger
2. Saturday night Fever  John Wayne
3. Paint your wagon  Clint Eastwood
4. The Godfather  Danny De Vito
5. Die Hard  Jim Carey
6. Braveheart  Sylvester Stallone

General Discussion / IS IT TIME FOR A REMAKE
« on: August 16, 2006, 01:21:08 PM »
After answering a post by Cigar Joe I got thinking and I feel its time for the remake to happen, personally I shudder at the thought at anyone touching the Holy Grail of Once Upon a time in the West and may all of hells worst jankers fall upon any studio that even thinks of doing it, so out of the other three (dys does not count different type of film) I would have to put forward The Good the Bad and the Ugly, its a massive movie that everyone in the world knows and a remake with the right actors would make it a smash hit.
So lets stir up some thoughts on this as it will only be the likes of us that will plant the germ of an idea

Off-Topic Discussion / MICHAEL CAINE
« on: July 06, 2006, 04:13:17 PM »
Saw old Michael Caine doing an interview on TCM tonight
(not a lot of people know that)
and just got to thinking how many great movies this guy has been in, my tops for our chirpy cockney are
The Eagle has Landed
The Fourth Protocol
Dressed to Kill
The Italian Job

If you have not seen Mona Lisa do so Bob Hoskins is on fire in this gem and is well supported by Robbie Coltrain its a very gritty touching movie, kinda makes me a soppy sentimentalist

Off-Topic Discussion / little known Richard Burton movie
« on: July 06, 2006, 11:14:16 AM »
Does anyone know if a strange Richard Burton movie called
Hammersmith is Out ever got on to DVD saw it years ago on TV in a Burton series and was blown away by it, it has never been shown again on TV or have I seen it on video.
Any news would please me

Other Films / Top ten western actors
« on: May 10, 2006, 12:30:58 PM »
Lets try this

1.Clint Eastwood
2. Henry Fonda
3. John Wayne
4. Kirk Douglas
5. Charles Bronson
6. Burt Lancaster
7. Kevin Costner
8. Eli Wallach
9. Yul Brenner
10. Lee Van Cleef

all this lot have made some great movies for us to feast on Wayne and Eastwood being the big boys in the class

General Discussion / Lee van Cleef
« on: May 01, 2006, 04:02:18 PM »
Hey guys just watching the Horror channel on Sky and a clip of an old black and white si-fi movie was being shown, a rather young Lee Van Cleef was killed by a huge alien banana while he was trying to kill it with a blow torch anyone know the name of that one?.

Off-Topic Discussion / The 'Burbs (1989)
« on: May 01, 2006, 02:57:32 PM »
Give this a watch it will have you in stitches, also there is references to Once Upon ATime in the West in it, as Hanks and co go to the neighbours house for the first time they even have the Morricones score playing.
I love this movie its so silly but packed with tributes to other films.

When I watch a western I always spare a few moments afterwards thinking what Leone could have done with it and personally I think he could have made more of the following whats your thoughts.

True Grit
The Last Hard Men
Sons of Katie Elder
Gunfight at OK Corral

Once Upon A Time In The West / Robert Ryan
« on: April 19, 2006, 06:00:10 PM »
I know this is a silly question but does anyone know why Robert Ryan who Leone wanted for the Sheriff was unable to be brought in. Although not one of my favourite actors he did make some Gems and I am intrested in the reason why he did not come to fruitition in West.

Duck, You Sucker / quality of film
« on: April 05, 2006, 04:56:17 PM »
is it just me or is the quality of the film used in once upon a time the revoloution lower than that used on west and others it just seems to be different or was that an effect Leone was trying to capture in places it gives me a feel of a sepia photograph wheres west and gbu scream epic.

many years ago as I was sitting an English exam we were asked to pen a sequel to a favourite movie just for fun and of course I thought over the Leone films, at the time I did nothing finally writing somthing about the Eagle has Landed, but the thought has always nagged me and it aways seemed to me that West is the only Leone film that a sequel could come to frutition although it would have to be done quick.


Sweetwater as a thriving town run by Jill who is almost reclusive.
It starts with Jill in bed years have aged her and she is ill, sitting with her is her daughter and now death is knocking on her door she tells the girl she is Harmonica,s daughter, he had come back once to see her.
She tells of her love of both Cheyenne and Harmonica and the story of why this came about, but then she tells of her Rape by Frank and how she had born a son to him and how she cursed the son of a bitch as she dug Franks shallow grave out the back of the ranch house.
The Child Jill had she placed in an oprhanage run by priests and Jills daughter had always to be careful of all men.

Old type Prison a young man with scars all over his back pulls on his shirt after a guard tells him he is to be released that day his back is scared by whip marks, looking over to his cell mate an old man he nods, "You say you rode with my father and that he died at a place called Sweetwater.
The old thug coughs badly nodding he took a bullet on the Morton train in the shoot out with Cheyennes gang but survived. "Frank the man you lookin for aint got no name but plays a damm Harmonica he's like death himself with a pistol but hell that was years ago you want revenge on the bastard he won't be so fast no more nor that half breed Cheyenne.

If you want more of what I thought for a sequel let me know


Once Franks son is out of Jail we see him in his real light  the evil of the man has gone on to his son who is a sadistic sex killer and wastes no time in gunning down a few saddle tramps in El Paso and murdering a whore in an upstairs room of a saloon he is the start of the American serial killer.
In El Paso he hears news of Cheyennes death and the real bad news of Harmonicas passing and the soon to be burial at Sweetwater.
Franks son will make his way to sweetwater in a ramage of Killing.

Jill is almost at the end of her life when she hears of Harmonicas death from a very old Sam who tells her that Harmonica left papers saying he wanted to be buried on the Hill above Sweetwater next to the place he buried Cheyenne near the woman he loved

At the burial attended by only Jill and Sam the daughter being at finishing school in San Fransisco Franks son appears he guns down Sam kicking the old mans body into the hole Harmonicas coffin has been placed, in a murderous rage he confronts his mother.

more later dinner is ready
dinner tonight was a vegtable stew in a wooden bowl that I ate with a toothpick while discussing lumps of gold that could be hidden in my property afterwards the wife asked me if I wanted to throw her across the table?


Franks son attacks Jill by the grave and leaves her for dead and it is at this point that the real secret of Sweetwater becomes apparent on the side of the grave where Sams body has scrapped away the earth as a huge streak of gold its like Harmonica knew this was the place to be buried and has only given the secret to Jill at the point of dyin.

Jill dies after leaving a note for daughter who comes back to find that Sweetwater is now being run by Franks son and already feels like the town from hell with killings rapes ect
before Jill passed away she closed the grave as well as she could and telegrammed the news of Franks son and the secret of the grave.

Jills daughter gets captured buy Franks sons men and a brutal beating and  rape takes place which she only survives by luck she drags herself away and the whores from the saloon get her out of town back to Flagstaff where the wood merchant looks after her .
As she gets better she starts to learn how to shoot revenge deep in her heart.
Her first act is to slip back into Sweetwater at the dead of night and dig up the bones of Frank and place them at the well (clothes hat ect on) but the most importaint thing she keeps for herself the Harmonica.
And its the sound of that that wakes Franks son who is sleeping next to a strangled whore in the house, its like a dream that noise to him he knows its not real just the stories he had been told of his fathers time in his battle with Harmonica.
The next morning going out front of the ranch he sees the bones of his father sitting at the well and he starts to understand that the Harmonica he heard in the night was not just a bad dream
The daughter takes her first direct action in the Saloon in Flagstaff where the Sweetwater Auction took place gunning down three of Franks sons men.
One she lets live and tells him to tell Frank that Jill Mcbain is back to get him.
Franks son is livid with rage he knows he Killed his mother so no Jill Mcbain exisits he has no knowledge of having a sister.
He sends more men to flagstaff to find the woman and Kill her this leads to a big gun battle in Flagstaff where Jills daughter is helped for the 1st time by the Navaho indians who take her back to the caves after the shootout that has her wounded.
The indians tell Jills Daughter that Franks son has found out that she was the woman the whores of sweetwater helped and he is killing them one by one to draw her out.
Jills daughter is drawn back to Sweetwater where a furious gunbattle takes place between franks son and his men and the indians that are helping her.
its a close run thing and for the first time Franks son and Jill face each other he thinks its Jill they look so much alike even though this woman is much younger.
Jill has to flee the odds are two much
Frank and the last ten of his men give chase into the desert where another shoot out takes place at the inn in monument valley the bartender and a couple of others there help Jills daughter but all die with only her escaping, the place burns to the ground leaving Franks son thinking that his little problem in no longer a problem.
Jill rests up a while then sends word to Franks son to meet her at the cattlecorner railroad station.
The end of the sequel should be a react of the cattlecorner shootout but this time Franksson turns up with two henchmen waits for the train and then the shootout which she wins and instead of getting shot she walks over to the dying Frank and places the harmonica in his mouth telling him that as she is Jill and Harmonicas daughter she will make sure that both he and his bastard father will never be laid to rest at sweetwater.
End of movie sees Jills daughter moving her mothers coffin into the space between Cheyenne and Harmonica, she sees the gold and understands what has been left to her but she covers it over knowing that a gold find at sweetwater would just bring her more evilmen.

Well thats the basic idea needs a lot of work on dialogue and continuity. I have a pretty strong idea over who should be in this and a director what do you think I would like opinions and feedback   

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