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Off-Topic Discussion / ZODIAC (2007) - a film by David Fincher
« on: October 07, 2021, 02:45:39 AM »
We love Zodiac. Zodiac had no thread here. The people wanted a Zodiac thread. There is now a Zodiac thread.
Let's discuss Zodiac.

Off-Topic Discussion / Licorcice Pizza (2021)
« on: September 27, 2021, 09:16:45 AM »
So i'm posting this mostly to piss PowerRR's off. Trailer for PTA's upcoming movie (that isn't called Soggy Bottom despite it being an amazing title):

And yes, that boy is Philip Seymour Hoffman's son.

Off-Topic Discussion / First and last shots of "iconic filmmakers"
« on: December 14, 2020, 02:50:46 AM »
Nice montage by Trois Couleurs, that shows the first and last shot of "iconic filmmakers". It seems they only count feature films.

Some of them look like they were conscientiously planned. Hitchcock and Tarkovski, for instance.
Also, Sergio might have the best last shot, he sure doesn't have the greatest first one.

I love this kind of videos (just like all the "opening and closing shot from great movies" montages): they focus on cinema's grammar and on the inherent value of "the shot" (an idea American filmmakers kind of forgot in the 1990's-2000's and are now coming back to).

Off-Topic Discussion / MANK (David Fincher, 2020)
« on: October 08, 2020, 09:38:41 AM »
After an excruciating wait, here is the trailer:

From Wikipedia:

Mank is an upcoming American biographical drama film about screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his battles with director Orson Welles over screenplay credit for Citizen Kane (1941). The film is directed by David Fincher, based on a script written by his father Jack, and is produced by Fincher, Ce?n Chaffin, Douglas Urbanski, and Eric Roth. The film stars Gary Oldman in the title role, while Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, and Charles Dance also star.

Fincher's father Jack wrote the script in the 1990s, and David originally intended to film it after he completed The Game (1997). It never came to fruition, and Jack Fincher died in 2003. Eventually, the project was officially announced in July 2019, and filming took place around Los Angeles from November 2019 to February 2020.

Mank is scheduled to have a limited theatrical run in November 2020, before being digitally released by Netflix on December 4, 2020.

Ennio Morricone / Edda Dell'Orso interview
« on: July 09, 2020, 11:57:55 PM »
Edda on Life as a Vocalist in the 1960s and 1970s Plus a Look at Some of her Recent Musical Projects

Off-Topic Discussion / Critics Poll: best films of the 2000's
« on: May 23, 2020, 07:42:59 AM »
Yay! Lists! Lists! Lists!

Here is the top 10 if you don't want to dig further away:

1) Mulholland Drive (David Lynch)
2) There Will Be Blood (Paul Thomas Anderson)
3) Zodiac (David Fincher)
4) In the Mood For Love (Wong Kar-Wai)
5) No Country For Old Men (Joel Coen)
6) Children of Men (Alfonso Cuaron)
7) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Michel Gondry) 
8 ) Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki)
9) Yi Yi: A One and A Two (Edward Yang)
10) Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola)

I'm pretty much ok with that top 10. Sure, I'd alter the order and make room for the departed and a couple of others ones, but that's a good list. I wouldn't kill the guy coming up with that list, which, when it comes to film lists, is a pretty great achievement.

Web Site Announcements / BUG: ' or ?
« on: March 12, 2020, 05:17:05 AM »
I don't think I'm the only one affected by this bug, but in every message i post from Safari on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), all the ' are changed into ?.
I cannot find a way to avoid that, I need to manually edit all these posts from my PC.

Off-Topic Discussion / Best Films of the 2010's
« on: December 11, 2019, 11:02:38 AM »
2020 is near, time for some thinking on the decade of movies that's ending. What are your best picks of the decade? Make it top 3, top 10, whatever.

I'm still thinking about my list but here is a first draft in no particular order:

The Social Network
Tree of Life
Inside Llewyn Davis
The Irishman
Mad Max: Fury Road
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Phantom Thread

Didn't make the cut but hold a special place in my moviegoer's heart:

The Master
Blade Runner 2049
The Lego Movie
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
La La Land
First Reformed
Call Me by Your Name
The Witch
The World's End
Baby Driver
And may be Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  and Into The Spider-Verse will be in that list some day. Who knows.

And if I had to make a special list for the sick fuck films that I'll probably never watch again but that will stay stuck in brain forever:

Les Garçons Sauvages
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

In retrospective, seems like I'm a boring brain-dead millennial who only watches what Hollywood spoon-feeds him.

And here's powerRR's one to save him some time:

2011 : The Tree of Life
2012 : To the Wonder / The Master
2014 : Inherent Vice
2015 : Knight of Cups
2016 : Voyage of Time (yes, even that one)
2017 : Phantom Thread / Song to Song
2019 : A Hidden Life

Sergio Leone News / Colt (2020)
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:52:07 AM »
There is probably a thread about that old Leone project somewhere but I cannot find it. Anyway. You guys all know about the TV show "COLT" that Leone never did. There is some news:

Stefano Sollima, the Italian director known in Hollywood for “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” and TV series “Gomorrah,” is set to shoot “Colt,” an English-language Western based on a Sergio Leone concept. The plan is to start shooting next winter.

“Colt” is being produced by Leone’s children Raffaella and Andrea, via their Leone Film Group. They are shopping the project in Cannes to prospective U.S. partners.

Originally conceived as a TV series, “Colt” takes its cue from the six-shooter packed by Clint Eastwood in “A Fistful of Dollars,” which becomes a narrative device as it is passes from owner to owner throughout the Old West.

Sollima, who is in advanced talks for a top U.S. writer to come on board, has tweaked Leone’s concept so that the gun changes hands between kids.

Whole article with a lot of information right there:

Solima's Sicario II was interesting. The guy clearly knows how to create tension, charismatic characters and cool action sequences. I hope he will let his images breath more in a western; that was the main (directing) flaw in Sicario II.

Once Upon A Time In America / OUATIA Screenplay - first draft
« on: October 20, 2018, 08:00:50 AM »
EDIT: sorry for the too large images that stretch the page, I'll fix it later.

At the Paris exhibit, there were copies of the first draft of the screenplay by Norman Mailer. Interestingly enough, it seems to be written as a two parts movie, the second part of which had an estimated running time of 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Bonus pic: copy of The Hoods signed by Harry Grey.

At the Paris exhibit, they have a clip from Italian TV playing called "One Day On The Set Of Once Upon A Time In America". It features an interview of Leone on the set of the scene where old Noodles calls Fat Moe. The intercut the interview with BTS shot of the filming of the whole extended shot (the crane shot of Fat Moe closing his bar that ends on a close up of Noodles in the phone booth). We see Leone doing the scene as Fat Moe, then we see the take, with Leone asking for "less smoke" and stuff like that. Incredible stuff.

Has anybody ever seen it?

Once Upon A Time In America / James Woods 2012 interview
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:12:20 PM »

It’s in French.
James talks only about OUATIA in this interview. He mentions the ending of the film, it’s ambiguity, he confirms that the truck scene was shot with a double although Woods was on set and could have done it.
He says Leone told him he had a gift for him during the shooting of the final: they had the Morricone’s music ready. He wanted to see Woods cry so they played the music during the shot and Woods says it was the best moment of his entire career.

Sergio Leone News / Sergio Leone Masterclass from 1986
« on: October 08, 2018, 12:26:49 PM »
The French Cinémathèque just uploaded this:

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