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The original FOD script (RAY EL MAGNIFICO) by the Spanish writers Victor A. Catena & Jaime Comas Gil gives incredible insight into the plot of a FOD. First, there is a prologue (Texas, 1861) describing a mother and boy of age 10. They hear gun shots coming from a saloon and then a man comes outside clutching his chest and falls to the muddy ground (it is raining heavily). The woman falls to her knees to attend her husband. The dark-clothed killer comes out of the saloon, puffs on a cigar and heads off. He is followed by the young boy, JOE, who later shoots the killer in the chest at point blank range.
The main plot then begins (North Mexico (border province), 1872). It is basically the same as in the film, except there are extra scenes and numerous small differences. The script describes how the protagonist, RAY, acquires his poncho, hat, and mule. The protagonist crosses a river and hears a man singing in the distance. A middle-aged Mexican man, dressed only in boxer shorts, is on a river bank singing merrily. A boot comes into the camera frame and propels the man into the cold river. A hand takes the Mexican man's poncho. This scene was shot and can be scene in the unused takes recently presented to Cineteca di Bologna by the Leone family ( Next, RAY steals a hat from a man who is sleeping beside a tree. He takes the hat and replaces it with his own worn out hat. The man continues to sleep. RAY then steals a mule from a Mexican who is about to hook his mule to a cart full of clay pots of various sizes. His hand is seen taking a stone from under the cart wheel. The cart begins to roll down the hill and the highly distressed Mexican chases it. After the Mexican finally catches up with his cart, he looks back and sees that his mule has disappeared.
At some point, the protagonist is finally seen from the front. He is about 35 years old and has a 3-day beard. He smokes a cigar and it is stressed that he has a slow, lazy, and calm manner. This coolness unsettles the pistoleros during the confrontation at the Baxters (called the "Morales" in the script). RAY carries two revolvers in the script.
I have only digitized/analyzed the first 50 pages (the script (in Spanish) is about 200 pages long). It is clear that Catena and Gil had a clear concept of how the protagonist would "look" and "behave". The poncho, 3-day beard, cigar, and cool, calm, calculated nature of the protagonist etc were all clearly described in the script.

A Fistful of Dollars / Deleted FISTFUL OF DOLLARS scene
« on: February 13, 2020, 01:51:30 PM »
I have some stills indicating a deleted FOD scene. In one still, the Clint Eastwood character (JOE) is standing behind a wall with a stick of dynamite in his hand. In another still, Sergio Leone can be seen walking past a group of Mexican bandits (wearing sombreros) sitting around a table outside - the location is clearly Los Albaricoques, where Manco and Colonel Mortimer shot apples from a tree in FAFDM. In a third still, there is a large explosion at exactly the spot where the Mexican bandits had been sitting. I presumed that this apparent deleted scene was described in the original Italian FOD script, but I have been unsuccessful in trying to obtain copies from a couple of sources, including Cineteca di Bologna, who have a copy belonging to the Leone family. I failed to contact members of the Leone family, despite numerous enquiries, emails and letters. Finally, I managed to track down a FOD script - second draft by Sergio Leone & Duccio Tessari (dated October, 1963) at the Margaret Herrick Library, Beverly Hills. Reproductions are not allowed, but someone kindly checked the script for me and she replied: "In the last pages of our FOD script the character PIRIPERO hands a stick of dynamite to JOE.  JOE takes the stick and throws it at a group of ROJO’S MEN who are gathered drinking. Then an explosion is heard off-camera during a later scene involving RAMON, ESTEBAN, and SILVANITO." This deleted scene explains the explosion and dust in the background just before the Eastwood character confronts Ramon and his men. Thus, JOE used the dynamite more effectively than the final edited film suggested. I was surprised that there was a script in English describing this deleted scene.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / GBU book project -updated website-
« on: December 10, 2015, 11:59:33 PM »
First, apologies for the long, long delay.

I have finally updated my website:

The website may occasionally go offline for changes/maintenance.

I had actually never planned to print the book in 2016, 50 years after filming (1966).

The book will be printed in January, and then sent to the bookbinder.

The hardcover book is 417+ pages long (each page 26.5 x 30 cm; 135 g/m2 coated, matt paper) and will weigh around 2.5 kg. It will be distributed via Amazon.

It would be great if you could fill in the "subscribe" field on the website if you are potentially interested in the book. You will receive updates per email etc.

Best wishes,

For a Few Dollars More / Anyone got the original Italian FAFDM script?
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:40:37 AM »
Has anyone got a hardcopy (or digitized copy) of the original Italian script for For a Few Dollars More (Per qualche dollaro in piu)? Best would be a translated copy.

I am especially interested in deleted scenes since I have seen a lot of stills from scenes absent in the film, e.g. when Colonel Mortimer arrives at the town of Tucumcari (shot at Hoyo de Manzanares) to track down Guy Callaway, there is a long funeral procession led by two horses pulling a coffin wagon.

All the best,

A Fistful of Dollars / Fistful of Dollars at Grotte di Salone
« on: July 15, 2007, 05:44:04 AM »
The scene in which Clint Eastwood recuperates from a beating was shot at Grotte di Salone, Rome. The location is written on one of Carlo Simi's sketches in the Carlo Simi booklet from the Cinema Mediterraneen Montpellier, 1998. The same location was sued for the cut Tuco in the Cave scene in the GBU. The caves are located on the corner of Via di Salone and Via Case Rosse, adjacent to the Autostrada Roma-L'Aquila. I was not allowed to take photos when I visited the site, and I was told to first get permission from the Ministry of Culture, Rome. It would pay to get "official" permission  and not to visit the site alone - you will see what I mean if you visit the location.

It has been pointed out that a piece of script paper was used for the note Angel Eyes wrote for Blondie and Tuco, but if you look at the scene, one of Angel Eyes's gang members is reading a book. Angel Eyes could have simply taken a sheet out of the book, so the appearance of text on the sheet doesn't necessarily imply a goof, as it has been previously pointed out.

I usually login as Hanley but for some unknown reason my registration/membership has been blacklisted or something similar. I get a message like, "hanley, you are banned from this forum." A reason would be nice (-:

General Discussion / How do you contact the SLWB editor/owner?
« on: February 01, 2007, 06:36:01 AM »
I usually login as Hanley but for some unknown reason my registration/membership has been blacklisted or something similar. I get a message like, "hanley, you are banned from this forum." A reason would be nice (-:

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