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General Discussion / Sergio Leone Blu-ray thread @HTF
« on: July 21, 2013, 10:18:07 AM »
There's a nice thread over there at HTF that obviously is trying to redeem the Leone films so that  they are re-released correctly done on Blu.

I feel you should all join and drop a line or more, it could be good to have all the info on those botched Blu-rays all in one place, so that it can be shove them into John Jerk throat and finally get the master the releases he deserves.

We all know Leone shot it squared because of the way VHS and TV cropped his movies.

Now, it's time to restore Once Upon A Time In America in 2.35:1 format. Try it with VLC player at home, and suddenly, you can see how Leone shot it the same way as the old techniscope films.

A fan edit in widescreen would be great. Anyone in ? I want my whole Once Upon trilogy in the same format  ;)

Once Upon A Time In The West / Harmonica should NOT rise from the dead !
« on: January 01, 2008, 03:59:42 AM »
I hope the scene where Harmonica wakes up on the train station, after being shot in the opening sequence, is NOT in the forthcoming Scorcese restoration, because it sucks ! It totally kills the eery reappearance of Harmonica later at the outpost, which makes him appear for a ghost or an invincible guy, until the reason he is still alive is answered.

I don't care about any other change to the movie recuts, but this scene should be deleted from all existing DVDs of the movie (and put as an extra outside of the movie) !

I will not be able to see the movie again with that scene in : for years, the only versions I saw didn't have this scene, and it made for a much superior movie than the "spelled" one that as become the common version.

OK, when I rented the double VHS tape back in 1985, the intermission was never at the place where it is on the DVD, it happened right after Noodles and co go for a "swim" !

When the card landed in the water, a card "end of first part" came in, in the same lettering as the opening credits.

Then, the second VHS opened with the shot on the TV screen, with old Noodles watching the infos.

So I don't remember in the cinema, but as I had made a copy of the VHS and saw it countless times, that's where the intermission always was.

Does someone remembers different ?

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