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For a Few Dollars More / The girl and the watches
« on: August 30, 2007, 10:03:08 PM »
Indio kills the man; rapes (and kills?
I can't remember; it's been a long time
since I saw it) the
girl, and gets one of the watches. Angel
Eyes already has the other one. Is this
correct? So A.E. and this girl have some
sort of kindred bond? What was the nature of
this girl's relation to Angel Eyes,
and where in the movie is this established?

Why does Indio get so sentimental
every time he hears the watch?
A guy like that would have
done the same thing dozens of times,
with dozens of different women.
Why was this one so special that he'd
keep a little memento of the occasion?

A Fistful of Dollars / Why Did Joe Enter the Room Where he Got Captured?
« on: August 25, 2007, 01:08:51 AM »
What was the room that Joe entered and found the Rojos in (where they caught and tortured him)? Joe seems suprised that they were there. What was he expecting to find, and what was this place? And what was his reason for going in there in the first place? It's so dark on the screen I can't make out any details. Also, what was the story they gave about a wheel breaking on their stage coach? Were they supposed to leave town by stage coach? Why? Where were they supposed to have gone? This movie is full of unexplained plot contrivances that seem to be for no other reason than to make it dramatic. I guess he just went into the room so he could get caught.

Also, what was the pretense Joe was working under when he set the two corpses against the grave? I realize he was trying to draw the two families into a fight, but under what pretense? Why should anyone care if there are some soldiers' corpses next to a grave?
Why fight over something like this?

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