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For a Few Dollars More / Alternate Scenes I'd Like To See
« on: September 02, 2009, 11:51:04 AM »
 :D  I have watched FAFDM many many times and never get tired of it.  But lately, I have been having strange thoughts.  Here are some deviations in the movie I would like to see.  These are in no particular order.

1.   I would have like to see the train at Tucumcari come to an emergency stop just a few feet further down the track.  Then I would like to see how Colonel Mortimer gets his horse off the train without that convenient ramp.

2.   After Manco throw the underwear down at Senior Ramirez saying "I don't wear them", we see him undressing in his room.  Underneath his pants, he is wearing nylons and a garter belt.

3.   I would like to have seen the Chinese guy show infinite patience changing direction.  Then I would like to see how many times Manco and Mortimer say "Take it to the station" and "Take it back" before something else happens.

4.   Indio to Cuchillio:   Whose knife is that?
      Cuchilio:  It's mine.
      Indio:  And it's not where it should be, is it?
      Cuchilio:  I didn't do it Indio.  I swear I didn't!
      Indio:  That's very difficult to prove now, isn't it?
      Cuchilio:  Hang on.  I'll go get my fingerprint kit and then...

      BANG!  Indio shoots him.

Is there anything you would like to add to list?  Or do you have any general comments?  Your alternate scene could be something comical or something totally serious like mine above.


I sometimes wonder about the above.  I imagine all the cemetaries in the area would have caretakers that kept records of all the graves they had.  With a little research of all the cemetaries in the general area, he might have been able to find one that had an Arch Stanton.

The only question would have been to find a way to ditch Tuco.  Perhaps early on, Blondie was too weak from the beating to make a move.  By the time he regained his strength,  he and Tuco encountered the Union army spoling any opportunity for the time being.

Of course, I could be wrong about cemetaries in those days keeping records.

Does anybody have any theories or opinions about this?

A Fistful of Dollars / What If....?
« on: August 13, 2009, 09:09:10 AM »
OK, let's have some fun!  What if it was Tuco, Colonel Mortimer or Angel Eyes who had been the one who came to San Miguel instead of "Joe"?

Let's put one of those characters at the well watching Jesus trying to sneak in and see Marisol.  Would they have acted differently? 

After that what would happen when they came into town and got bullied by the Baxter men.  How would the story have veered after our "hero" met up with all the Rojos, Baxters and Silvantino the bartender?

I imagine we would get a whole new story!  I'd love to read what all you faithful Sergio Leone experts would have to say.  This might create some fascinating discussions.  Anybody creative out there?

For a Few Dollars More / Why Was Indio Sent To Prison?
« on: August 03, 2009, 06:58:42 AM »
I had a curious thought about this movie recently.  Have you ever wondered what crime Indio was convicted off to sentence him to prison in the first place?  It can be argued that Indio was a more dangerous criminal than Tuco.  Yet when Tuco gets arrested, he is sentenced to be hanged.  Why not Indio?   

Perhaps although Indio had already committed several heinous crimes, the law could only convict him of something not warranting the death penalty.  Yet when he escaped, the reward for him was much higher than usual.

I am new here and have been a fan of Sergio's films for a long time.  I enjoy reading your posts and finding new things to talk about.  I thought this would make an interesting discussion.

Do you have any thoughts on this subject?

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