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Once Upon A Time In America / The Garbage Truck
« on: July 27, 2023, 04:59:33 PM »
Some years ago, I commented on OUATIA in the tread "Why does this movie fare so poorly with audiences"?  In summary, I thought the nucleus of an all-time great film was there, but sadly I found it infuriating when it finished. It was visually impressive, beautifully filmed (albeit a little overdone in places), very well acted (particularly by the young actors playing the characters as youngsters) and a lovely haunting score by Ennio Morricone.....but I could not get past the jarring absurdities of the plot.  I then mentioned some of these, most of which have been discussed at length on this board in a number of threads.

However, there is one absurd piece of plotting I have not seen discussed elsewhere (forgive me if it has), which is Max/Mr Bailey committing suicide by hurling himself into a conveniently placed garbage truck.  Of all the ways for Bailey to disappear, this is almost Monty Python levels of silliness, totally out of keeping with the quality, tone and style of the film.  Or do others see this differently, and have I misunderstood what happened,  or missed some significance or profundity in this?

Don't get me wrong - there is much to admire about OUATIA. I just wish Sergio and co had gven more attention to the plot development.

Again, apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere.

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