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Trivia Games / Twelve Questions
« on: December 08, 2002, 10:56:53 PM »
Howdy Leone fans!  This is a trivia game we play over on the Eastwood board.  Our web board is undergoing a server change, and some of us aren't able to get on the board and withdrawal symptoms are setting in!  So we've decided to play our favorite trivia game over here tonight... maybe it will catch on over here, and some of you may enjoy playing it.  We usually gather a couple of players before starting a game, and then when we have 2 or more players ready, we begin.  One person is "It"... he is to come up with anything: an object, a character, a quote, a particular song, a location, etc., in one of the films.  On this board, of course, this would be limited to Leone's films.   The other players take turns asking questions that can be answered either "Yes" or "No".    If one of the players is able to guess what "It" is looking for before the twelth question, then he wins, and gets to be "It" the next round.  If the answer isn't guessed by the twelth question, then "It" wins and is "It" again the next round.

KC and I will play a round now, and you'll get the idea of how it goes if you read through the posts.  I'm "It".

I've got one, KC.  Let's roll! :D

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