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As some of the other members of this board I attended the recent Morricone concert in New York City. I met with almost 30 people from another website. That combined with the fact that this was my first visit to the US and a long way to travel made me stay for an entire week. One of the things me and four of my friends did was to hunt down some of those famous movie locations. On day four, Sunday feb 4th, we took the subway across to Brooklyn and made our way down to Water st. to try and find the exact loaction Leone had used in OUATIA. It was really cold and windy that day and the sun was bright, making the streets very dark in the shots. I did some photoshopping though to even it out a bit.

Click images to enlarge:

This is pretty much the exact shot used for cover art and poster (Which is hanging in my bedroom 8))

That's me in the blue jacket in the place of Dominic.

The archway Bugsy was walking through.

It sure was nice to finally get to visit this place and it was really grand to stand there looking up at that beautiful bridge. I also went down to Chinatown and strolled through Mott street just to be able to say "Hey, I've been there!" when watching the movie. ;D There's really something special about NY and I'm definitely going back some time soon. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Is it just me or has poor Arch Stanton got his arms/hands all mixed up? :o At least my thumbs are pointing upwards. It's a damn nice artwork though, in a sick way...  ;D

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