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Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Marlon vs. De Niro
« on: June 30, 2003, 09:09:53 AM »
I have to say I prefer the Godfather series.  I think the main reason is in the GF's, you genuinely like Michael Corleone and Vito Corleone (Brando and DeNiro both) and you get the sense that even though they are criminals, they still have some morals.

 With Noodles, he really has no morals. (Obviously due to his environment) but I still find myself not really liking him because of the rape thing....

In fact I find myself liking Max more than Noodles.

Once Upon A Time In America / Symbolism Question...HELP!
« on: June 30, 2003, 09:00:09 AM »
I want to know if anyone can explain to me the signifigance of:  

First, the number on the side of the garbage truck at the end?  I think it is 35.  Any ideas?

Second 'God Bless America' is playing in the background at the beginning of the scene when Noodles girlfriend gets shot  and also at the end in the garbage truck scene, when the kids drive by in the car after the truck pulls away.  Perhaps some foreshadowing of death?

Who is the man (it does not appear to me to be James Woods) standing next to the garbage truck the first time Noodles looks back and before the truck pulls away?


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