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1  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Monument Valley pics/videos on: July 07, 2006, 12:07:37 PM
Unfortunately, it isn't there anymore...

Well that sucks.  It looked like a pretty sturdy structure too.  If I find the place where it stood I'll take a sip of whiskey for old times sakes.
2  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Monument Valley pics/videos on: July 07, 2006, 11:16:42 AM
Hey, I'm headed to Moab, Utah for some white water rafting. I'm also going to do a little touring of the rustic landscape while I'm out there tromping around with my family.  Just south is Navajo land and I'm going to visit Monument Valley.

If anybody has any cool pics or pointers on places to visit let me know.  I'll post some pictures when I get back.

Here's a couple of cool links that show some great panorama:

Monument Valley

John Ford Point (Monument Valley)

I wonder if that old wooden barn/bar building in OUTIW is still there.

3  General Information / General Discussion / Re: In todays NYT on: July 07, 2006, 07:44:11 AM
Definitely a great movie.  What really catches my eye in this western is Wayne's ingrained hatred for the savage indians.  You really get a gut feeling that as a former soldier he fought the indians for a good keep them from slaughtering innocents.

The film reviewer notes how this movie influenced subsequent movies and the view of the west, the war on terror, etc.  I certainly see a comparison.

Shortly before 9/11 I was researching native American tribes and studying the west & western history.  I read the Lewis & Clark journals too and got a really good feel for how savage some indian tribes truly were.  The cycle of one tribe slaughtering and even exterminating another...and the countless stories of early pioneers being attacked and killed by indians really stuck in my head.

While I was doing this reading all of a sudden 9/11 happened and I wanted to know more about the idiots who did I started studying the Afghan tribes.  There is a shocking similarity between native American tribes and Afghan tribes.  Both tribes put being a warrior at the forefront and revenge attacks are a way of life.  I often read about the spring "fighting season" in Afghanistan, and of course the native Americans did the same thing.

If John Wayne were alive, I know he would have viewed the Taliban & Al Queda much like he viewed the Comanche indians in the Searchers.  While some may want to run from this truth, I know John Wayne would face it head on.  Savages are savages and they must be dealt with!
4  Other/Miscellaneous / Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Burt Reynolds on: February 06, 2006, 12:12:32 PM
I don't know.  I saw Navajo Joe and wasn't that impressed...the theme song sounds awfully corny too.

Why?  Because Burt Reynolds deep down is just a corny, cheesy guy...a big ham.  I just can't take him seriously...even if I try.

Sorry  Roll Eyes
5  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Re: Death Rides a Horse aka Da uomo a uomo (1967) on: February 05, 2006, 11:23:19 PM
Just saw this film last night for the first time.  Wow, I wasn't expecting such a great movie. 

I'm glad Lee Van Cleef turned his career around and made these westerns.  I really like his character...and that gap toothed smile of his  Grin
6  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Re: Lo chiamavano Trinitą... aka They Call Me Trinity (1970) on: February 05, 2006, 12:28:24 AM
I have a question that may sound dumb, but is 'They Call Me Trinity' the sequel to 'My Name is Nobody'?  Are there (other) sequels to 'My Name is Nobody'?

Hello Il Buono, the answer is no.  Actually, Leone watched and admired the Trinity movies...and asked Terrence Hill to star in My Name is Nobody...which is a much more complex film.

I dug up the link below, which is an interview with Terence Hill from a couple of years ago.  It goes into quite significant detail about many of the questions people ask about his llife and his films.

He confirms that My Name is Nobody is indeed a Leone film.

His official international web site is:
7  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Re: Dead Man (1995) on: February 01, 2006, 10:51:22 AM
The comparisons between the two films are very interesting.  I wouldn't doubt it if at some point in Jim Jarmusch's life he watched and remembered My Name is Nobody while making Dead Man, even if on a subliminal basis.

I have seen both films and I appreciate the level of thought in both.  However, Dead Man is definitely in it's own category.

One thing is for sure, there aren't enough good modern made westerns out there.  We need more courageous directors like Jim Jarmusch who the guts to make a good western that is well thought out and can deliver a full range of emotions to the viewer.

In my opinion, Dead Man borrows a bit of Leone and Peckinpah.  It's Leone on the level of thought and ingenuity, and Peckinpah when it comes to flat out mean characters.  The hired gunman who shoots that black cowboy in the back is downright racist and mean!  Sure, it makes you angry.  Then he guns down the other guy just for talking too much  Shocked  This racism and cold heartedness were just facts of life in their day, and should be understood by the viewer from a historical context.

There's also a part of Dead Man that is neither Leone or's more like a ride on a hallucinogenic drug that fits in with Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers) or Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction)...and that's why it's rated R.

If you're up for an interesting change...go buy or rent it.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The sound track for this movie is written and played by Neil Young.  I'm not a major fan of his, but I tell you the acoustic guitar in this movie is outstanding.  If you have any reason to check it out it would be to listen to it.  I sat back and watched it on my Sony wide screen with the Bose 5.1 home theatre kicking in the sound waves from all was a splended experience.  This type of sound is one thing you won't get from older can only dream of it.
8  General Information / General Discussion / Re: Starting a new leone style film on a curios topic. on: February 01, 2006, 09:37:46 AM
The Good The Bad and The Holy

However, I think you should ditch the whole idea of this Luther film.  Go out and make a western movie in true Leone style.  We will surely buy all of these films and make you a rich man  Shocked
9  General Information / General Discussion / Re: Has anyone ever ordered from on: January 30, 2006, 04:10:27 PM
I contacted my c-card company & discussed the situation.  They noted this company will need this information to confirm I am actually the person ordering the merchandise...& it was a legitimate request.

I proceeded to send it.  This site has a lot of great hard to find westerns.  If I have good results I'll share this of course in case you see some titles you might want.


10  General Information / General Discussion / Has anyone ever ordered from on: January 30, 2006, 08:51:46 AM
I placed an order on this dvd web site out of Spain.  I registered & all that jazz, proceeded to checkout & pay with my credit card on their secure server connection.

Anyway, the next day I get this e-mail message with an empty subject:

Dear customer,
We are writing to inform you that we need your authorization to debit to your credit card the total amount of your order.
Please complete the following form and send it to us by fax (0034 916530775) or to this email if you prefer to send us an electronic copy.
If you have some doubt or questions please let us know as soon as possible.

Attached was a Microsoft Word document that requested my credit card info, the 3 digit security code & my signature.  They say they need me to fax them this information to get approval to process "foreign" orders.  They also pointed out this was only required on my first order & would not be subsequently requested.

Well, I'm just uncomfortable about this.  Has anyone ever had problems with this DVD distributor in Spain?  If they have a good reputation I'll proceed.  Otherwise I'm going to cancel my order for obvious reasons.


11  General Information / General Discussion / Re: Sergio Leone in the uk on: January 26, 2006, 01:21:37 PM
It appears as if this exibition in LA is over.


If it's going to be in New York, I'd be interested in checking it out.  It's good to see they are going to be erecting some new facilities that are dedicated to Leone and others.
12  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Re: Botte di Natale aka Troublemakers (1994) on: January 26, 2006, 11:39:09 AM
Ahhh...much better.  I've had 3 years of Spanish, but even so that first site was confusing.  Even on their English site registering your home address is tricky.  I had to hack the fields to make it display correctly.

Man, this site has quite a collection of westerns.  I had no idea they love them so much in Spain.  I ordered Man of East & The Night Before X-mas (a.k.a Troublemakers).

Why they rename movies like this I have no idea.

Thanks  man!  Cheesy
13  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Re: Botte di Natale aka Troublemakers (1994) on: January 26, 2006, 07:20:47 AM
Anyways, you can order it from here

Thanks Sundance...I would have never found this.  Does this company ship to the US?
14  Other/Miscellaneous / Ennio Morricone / Re: 14th Morricone Poll:Nobodys The Greatest on: January 25, 2006, 08:19:13 PM
Hi Sandman_USMC what Terence Hill films,both western and non-western, do you have in your collection?I'm just starting to build up my Bud & Terence collection and am looking for recommendations.I have in my collection God Forgives I Don't,Ace High,both Trinity films,both Nobody films,Man Of The East,Today Its Me Tommorow iTs You,Five Man Army,Beyond The Law,Can Be Done Amigo,Watch Out We're Mad,Crimebusters and today i received in the post Odds & Evens and Who Finds A Friend Finds A Treasure.

Hey banjo, you have a very nice collection & certainly have me beat on his work.  I've scrounged what I could find on (Trinity collection, both Nobody films, Boot Hill & that's it).  I'm just now starting to scour foreign film distributors because they're hard to find.  I haven't ventured into his non-western stuff yet.

Today I discovered Bud & Terence created a movie in 1995 called "Troublemakers".  It's supposed to fit right in as a 3rd Trinity movie from the reviews I've read....but I can't find it.  Amazon is currently out of stock on it except for VHS format.  I love these two guys together.  The big brother-little brother rivalry cracks me up big time. 

Say, would you mind rating the other films you noted above?  Your opinion on Terence Hill is very close to mine & I'd like some feedback on them to help east my shopping anxiety.

Here's how I rate mine so far (scale of 1 to 10):

My Name is Nobody: 11
They call me Trinity: 9
Trinity is still my Name: 9
Nobody is the Greatest: 8
Boot Hill: 6 (slower pace, more serious western)

I wish the audio on these films was 5.1 my dreams though.  The music certainly deserves it.  Maybe someday.

15  Films of Sergio Leone / Other Films / Botte di Natale aka Troublemakers (1994) on: January 25, 2006, 03:21:46 PM
I'm trying to polish off my list of good Terence Hill/Bud Spencer DVD's.  This is one of their last movies together, and from what I've read on the reviews its good & should have been called Trinity 3 or something along those lines, because that's what it really is.


1. If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?
2. Where the heck can I get the DVD?  Amazon is out of stock on it.

Thanks in advance  Smiley
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