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Other Films / Re: Ride the High Country (1962)
« on: September 26, 2005, 08:55:03 AM »
As a matter of fact if anyone out there has the HD Movie channels, they have been running a beautiful widescreen version of "Ride The High Country" as of late, and I had recorded the HD restored version of "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" off of the network last year.
I am attempting to transfer them over to dvd this week, so let me know if anyone is interested.

FH,  what kind of camera and lens did you use ?
 bra-VO  ;D  thankl you sir.  :D

Hey Kermit,

I just used a Fuji digital camera, nothing special.
I did get some video footage of the movie screening and "Hangin Arc", but I warn thee ... it was very shaky and amateur.
I will post it soon, including Alex Cox's introduction to the film.

Off-Topic Discussion / QT to direct a SW trailer for Grindhouse.
« on: September 25, 2005, 01:29:52 PM »
Hey guys,
Wadda ya think of this
Well, maybe QT can bring in Franco Nero or some other classic actors for his trailer. Eh!

General Discussion / Re: A Question
« on: September 23, 2005, 10:06:24 PM »
How about a screening of Peckinpah's "Ride The High Country",
This is the film that was the bridge between the John Ford style Western and the new breed of tough, gritty, SW style cinema.
I can make you a widescreen dvd print of this film if you would like.


General Discussion / Re: A permanent thread for Spaghetti Top 20
« on: September 21, 2005, 08:48:42 PM »
Lets start this thing!
I have the anamorphic uncut version of "The Big Gundown" as well as some others and what I can do is make burns of the discs and lend them out to our group.
Here's what I've got so far
The Great Silence
The Big Gundown
A Pisto; For Ringo
Price Of Power
The Stranger and The Gunfighter
A Bullet for the General
Run Man Run
Roy Colt and Winchester Jack
Django Kill!
Four of the Apocalypse
Days of Vengeance AKA The Long Days of Vengeance
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die
Once Upon A Time In The West
Fistful of Dollars
For A Few Dollars More
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Fistful Of Dynamite

I am looking for any SW I can get my hands on, as I'm sure many of you want to do.
 I am willing to make copies of all of these films with art jackets and I can do the same for all of my future titles.


General Discussion / Re: THE BEST SERGIO LEONE FILM...
« on: September 20, 2005, 09:20:24 PM »
Once Upon A Time In The West is not only Leone's best film (by a small margin) but I feel it is the best film ever made.

Trivia Games / Re: Who Is...?????
« on: September 19, 2005, 01:21:15 PM »
Well done....Correct...where they got Leo Nichols from I haven't got a clue.

It is a play on Leone's name ....... Leo ni(chols)

Trivia Games / Re: name that actor
« on: September 19, 2005, 01:15:26 PM »
Geoffrey Lewis is the man!
From "My Name Is Nobody"
To  "High Plains Drifter"
Then  "Blueberry"

He even plays country singer Roy Sullivan in "The Devils Rejects"
Roy Sullivan: "Did I ever tell you about the time I met Johnny Cash"

Sergio Leone News / Eli Wallach live in person for GBU in Austin!
« on: September 19, 2005, 12:39:51 PM »
Hey guys!
Anyone living in the Austin area has to come to this screening at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas on Friday, October 28, 2005
My friends, this is the reason that the Drafthouse is the coolest theater in the world.
First off the owner Tim League is a huge SW fan, so he brings in SW's and has all you can eat spaghetti while you watch the films.
Then he brings us out to Monument Valley for a screening of his favorite film OUATITW.
Now, he brings us the man himself, TUCO!

Dont miss it!

General Discussion / Re: American Acting
« on: September 09, 2005, 03:19:41 AM »
Cameron Mitchell was also in "The Shooting" by Monte Hellman.
We also have Gilbert Roland from "The Ruthless Four" who was in the John Ford classic "Cheyenne Autumn".
Another actor was Lincoln Tate from "Bastard, Go Kill" and he later appeared in "The Legend Of The Lone Ranger".

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Harmonica, a ghostly avenger?
« on: September 08, 2005, 12:21:42 AM »
We can also talk about the night scene when he arrives outside of Jills house playing the harmonica and disappears like a spirit when he is shot at.

Once Upon A Time In The West / Re: Jason Robards
« on: September 08, 2005, 12:16:59 AM »
I cannot wait to see a widescreen copy of this film as I have the laserdisc but it is in the pan and scan format.
What a great film that will finally have its day on dvd ..... Robards and Elam got to work with both of the masters in Leone and Peckinpah.

General Discussion / Re: Once Upon a time in the West in Monument Valley
« on: September 07, 2005, 10:48:40 PM »
Aug 23 2005
A screening of Once Upon a time in the West at the actual filming location of Monument Valley.  The film will be screened at the Goulding's Lodge at 8:00 pm.  Tickets 10.00 through The Alamo Drafthouse website (via rolling roadshow).  I am traveling all the way from Seattle to see this

Hello Django.

I drove from Texas to screen it there as well,
suprised that not many people showed up but I didnt care as I was there with my ever lovin brother and we were both happy.
It was my single greatest viewing experience of my life and I actually had tears of joy a couple of times.
You cant imagine how Monument Valley sounds as Harmonica is wailing away and it was echoing throughout Utah and Arizona ....... Goosebumps my friends Goosebumps.
Did you also go to Lake Powell for "Planet of the Apes"?


Hi all,

In a few months I'll be off to the states, among other places visiting Monument Valley. Now I've heard there are still remains to be found of the structure used to string up Harmonica's brother, the famous arch. Can anybody provide directions how to get there?

Much obliged!



I just got back from Monument Valley and I went to a screening of  "OUATITW" where I drove over 1400 miles from Texas to watch my favorite film. At the screening I met Alex Cox who introduced the film and he told me where the Hanging Arc still stands.
I have posted a picture of whats left of the arc and it's amazing to think that after 38 years some of it still exists!
Here is how to reach the site.
As you are coming into Utah from Arizona on highway 163 you must go exactly 13 miles from the border, it is easy bacause you just follow the mile markers until you pass the 13 mile mark. Now look to your left for an unpaved road which if I remember right is something like farm road 437, now take the left onto the dirt road and head down about 1.7 miles and amazingly you can see whats left of the arc on the horizon in the distance.
Make sure you bring the soundtrack with you as you drive up to it because you will have goosebumps as you step out to the red dirt. The base still stands where it was cemented in and there is a cement driveway that goes under it now, broken bottles everywhere and bud light boxes stuffed into the arc from schmucks who have no idea where they were standing!
We even got an out of focus shot of me coming over the same hill that Frank comes up, until I get close and we focus the camera on my face. "Here, keep your lovin brother happy"
If you have any problems finding it just email me at www.warrenoatesrules@yahoo and I can help you even more>

Thanks and good luck
Here I have posted

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