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1531  Films of Sergio Leone / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:MISSING SCENES IN GBU on: April 10, 2003, 01:34:33 PM
I have USA GBU DVD and I believe it has seven deleted scenes.  One for sure you haven't listed is just after Blondie and Tuco leave the mission, before they run into the dusty Union soldiers.  Blondie asks where the graveyard is, and Tuco tells him it's far, in Texas.  The road is quite littered with dead soldiers.  I think the final scene is just a few seconds while they're hanging the dynamite under the bridge.  Watch for the May 10th restoration on AMC television.
1532  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re:just saw OUATIA for the first time, i got QUESTIONS!!!! on: April 09, 2003, 12:49:36 PM
Mario played "Mandy" at the beginning.  He had lost a ton of weight, recognizable, but not easily.  A still had been posted on this board in the past.
1533  Other/Miscellaneous / Off-Topic Discussion / Re:The Who on: April 07, 2003, 01:31:06 PM
This is Cusser, or Cussboy.  Who am I - I am leader of the Analytical Chemistry department for Dial soap company (in Arizona).  I've seen all the spaghettis in theaters, starting with GBU in 1968 and still usually wear mustache and stubble because of that.  Since 1969 I've listened in my vehicles to spaghetti soundtracks on home-made cassettes made from records (and lately CDs).    I have one-sheets 1980 GBU, Once/America, and Once/West (reproduction) in my family room, along with other film poster repros.   I've made some training videos at work in the last 1.5 years using digital video and computer, and have used Morricone music quite well in them (latest used mystical parts of Jill's theme in a fairy/dream sequence).
1534  General Information / Trivia Games / Re:The Quote Game on: April 03, 2003, 12:01:15 PM
"When ya gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk"  -Cusser to his 12 year old daughter when she holds the ball and talks while playing basketball in the driveway.
1535  Films of Sergio Leone / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:Cusser on: March 26, 2003, 11:47:31 AM
The most famous civil war POW camp was the southern camp Andersonville, where there were many atrocities.  I also read that Leone wanted the GBU camp to be similar to a WWII concentration camp, and that he also wanted to show a Union POW camp to show that it wasn't just the Confederacy that had bad POW camp conditions.
1536  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Re:Pistols on: March 12, 2003, 01:46:30 PM
You seem to know a lot about pistols (I know nothing about them, shot three shots in entire life, and killed two beer cans).  Very interesting.
1537  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Re:GBU pistol on: March 12, 2003, 11:13:45 AM
Snake pistol from end of GBU was also used in FOD and FDM.
1538  General Information / General Discussion / Re:Van Cleef's right hand on: March 11, 2003, 12:41:35 PM
Hey, poster "Angel Eyes" is using my picture (Cusser/Cussboy).  I believe in Return of Sabata someone teases him about needing an extra trigger finger...
1539  General Information / Sergio Leone News / Re:GBU Video on: March 11, 2003, 12:39:10 PM
Jon, I did the same thing onto Videotape, in LP speed, with the English subtitles for those extra scenes.
1540  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Re:Collecting Sergio Leone Memorabilia on: March 10, 2003, 01:34:03 PM
Hey, Cigar - I also have the advertisements from the 60s from the Arizona newspaper (of course we didn't get full page here).
1541  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / Re:Arch way on: March 10, 2003, 01:32:39 PM
Mac -where exactly is this archway, I had heard somewhwere in Monument Valley.  I live in Arizona, and would like to see it.  For a few years I toyed with the idea of building a similar one in front of my house (but Bronson said his legs were too tired now).
1542  General Information / General Discussion / Re:Leone influenced your life? on: March 10, 2003, 09:06:31 AM
OK, I concede I'm weird.  I saw GBU at age 14.5 and couldn't wait to shave so I could grow a genuine GBU stubble, even this morning I used a trimmer to shave it down to about 1/16 inch.  Also, I tend to quote quips from the Leone films in everyday life (like playing basketball with my daughter holding the ball and talking - "when ya gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk").  I have Spaghetti posters in my family room, and I just got a 47" widescreen HDTV a few weeks ago, so I'll have to soon initiate my 15 year old and 12 year old into GBU.  I have listened to Spaghetti soundtracks on cassettes in my vehicles since the late 1970s, and got the updated GBU and Once/West CDs last year.  I also live in Arizona and we own two horses.  I was lucky enough to see all these in theaters, including Once/West in 1969 and restored (twice) in 1985 and Once/America in 1985.  I just got a cell phone last month from Alltel and got my free ring tone as GBU.
1543  Films of Sergio Leone / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:Status of GBU rumor? on: March 07, 2003, 08:00:07 AM
Of the extra GBU scenes I've seen, I would cut out the  "six being the perfect number" dialog after Blondie kills one of angel Eyes' men.  I'd keep in the other scenes for sure, especially the desert scene and the scene leaving Father Ramirez' mission where the road is littered with dead soldiers and Tuco talks about the graveyard being in Texas.  And the Rebel hideout scene also shows wounded and maimed soldiers, bolstering anti-war idea.  Of course, I also would've had the note say "Adios, idiots" rather than "See you soon, idiots". But then again, I'm glad I never saw the trailer until after I'd seen the film in 1968 because too many trailers give away way too much, back then and now.
1544  General Information / General Discussion / Re:Viva Tuco on: February 24, 2003, 12:05:11 PM
Yes, Eli was the lead bandit Caldera (or something similar) in Magnificent Seven, and behaved quite similar to Tuco.  But Leone had said that it was his performance in "How the West was Won" when he pretended to shoot his fingers as guns at George Peppard's kids that made him want Eli as Tuco.  Personally, I think that in today's more international atmosphere that Eli's GBU performance would be Oscar-quality.  
1545  Other/Miscellaneous / Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Director/Composer relatonships on: February 22, 2003, 08:33:29 AM
Obviously, Michael Curiz and Erich Korngold (Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, Sea Hawk, etc.)  and James Bond films and John Barry.  By the way, these two film "series" have similar comedy "quips" and music use as do the later-appearing Leone films, not a coincidence at all in my mind.
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