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256  Other/Miscellaneous / Web Site Announcements / Re:Edit Your Profile on: November 13, 2002, 06:12:25 AM
Thanks for the advice.I'll edit my profile right away.If I can...  Tongue
257  Films of Sergio Leone / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly / Re:The Greatest single moment in a Leone film on: November 13, 2002, 06:08:31 AM
Yes,that scene is really tender and reveals a new side of Clint Eastwood's character.  Cry
258  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In The West / The best movie ever made... on: November 13, 2002, 06:06:19 AM
In my opinion,Once Upon a Time in the West is not only the best western but also the best movie ever.In fact,OUATITW made me become interested in the movies of Sergio Leone and in spaghetti westerns more generally.

This movie has it all:fantastic music,good plot,picturesque landscapes,and,of course,characters that are greater than life.Nothing can surpass this masterpiece.
259  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Did James do it or not? on: November 13, 2002, 06:00:38 AM
This is a question that has defied scholarship for decades.  Smiley What is your opinion of this?
260  General Information / General Discussion / THE BEST SERGIO LEONE FILM... on: November 13, 2002, 05:56:13 AM
I think the best place for this question is the General Discussion.I'm anxious to know everyone's opinion on this matter.
261  Other/Miscellaneous / Web Site Announcements / The brave new Sergio Leone board... on: November 13, 2002, 05:41:57 AM
Hello everyone,

It is nice to be on this new board.I visited the old board hosted by Michael Arndt from August 1997 onwards.It was sad to see the old board die,but it is good that Cal took over Michael's site.This new board is completely different from the old one,and at least 1000 time more complex!However,I believe we all learn to use this board with time.Let the spaghetti western discussion begin!

Jupa,member 16
262  Other/Miscellaneous / Web Site Announcements / Re:Welcome to the new forums! on: November 13, 2002, 05:33:05 AM
Thank you,Cal.It's nice to see a revamped Sergio Leone board.The technique and all the extra stuff here are not yet completely clear to me,but I think I'll learn most of it with time.

Viva Leone!
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