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16  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Once Upon...America Poster on: October 04, 2004, 11:15:38 AM
I once saw a fantastic poster for OUATIA. It was a landscape poster with DeNiro's face on the left, and the three dead bodies of his friends lying on the ground on the right. Has anyone ever seen this, and do you know where I can get it?
Hi Herbpees,
It was the UK Cinema release poster-Thorn EMI were the UK distributors-I dont think they actually exist anymore  I actually used to have  this poster-ordered it from a UK movie magazine (Film Review) which I dont know if it still exsists.  It had the same As Boys They said they would die for each other as men they did blurb on the poster. At the time the poster only cost me about 10- I was young,stupid and didnt take care of it,
infact I covered a really annoying sun vent in my room with it!  After a while it became a bit tacky and I binned it -DUUUUUUU!  Anyway Ive seen on the internet somewhere, just cant remember where! -happy surfing
17  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / FRANK GIO AS BEEFY on: October 04, 2004, 10:48:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

Sorry just getting used to this great site. Was hoping to start speaking to fellow OUATIA lovers asap.  Please dont think because im a Newbie/Llama that I dont have opions, theories, Info to offer. So far only spoken to Grandpa-Chum-thanks Gramps for your reply. Was wondering Grandpa what your comments  were on the Mario Brega/Frank Gio issue?  I think the Big Hood is played by Gio-listed in the credits as Beefy-he is the same actor in Analyze That (Lou The Wrench)-Im almost certain that the Big Hood is not Mario Brega.
Ps I saw OUATIA in September 1984 the first night it opened in the UK-it was a night I will never forget.  The previous month Leone was at the  Edinburgh Film Festival UK Premier of the film-Clint Eastwood was at the Premier also (I think he was in town to promote another film) Anyhoo afterwards he was asked what he thought of the film-he stated "It was too long"-I kid you not!
18  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re:The Godfather vs. OUATIA on: October 04, 2004, 10:19:29 AM
i think OUATIA is artistically superior - Leone's editing and directorial flair stands out above Coppola's, but in terms of a great drama and story The Godfather wins, and it probably has better actors and characters development as well. But if we're analysing it as a trilogy i think OUATIA is better because the third isnt quite as good.

As one critic said (forgive me i cant remember who):

"The Godfather is a great movie, Once Upon a Time in America is a great film".

When the Godfather came out it was a huge hit, critics loved it, made everyone a star, won oscars, book was a bestseller, parts one and two followed, as did a tv bestseller version,everyone quotes the lines, the films are never off the tv-in a way the whole Godfather thing became a bit overwhelming in the same way as Titanic. Most people I speak to admire the Godfather (artistically) OUATIA on the other is a film that people love! Despite the subject matter OUATIA is a beautiful film, original, complex, ambiguous, fascinating and brilliant. Its a film that has really only been discovered through cable,video and dvd-it has a mythical and mystical quality that the Godfather lacks. This is why (in my opion) OUATIA has the edge.
19  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Going To Bed Early on: October 02, 2004, 05:21:52 PM
When Fat Moe asks Noodles "what have you been doing all these years"- his reply is "going to bed early".
Do you think Noodles has been in prison all these years? He has already spent most of his young life in prison-when he starts his new life in Buffalo it makes sense that it would have been a continuing Life Of Crime-the only life he new-which would have made it possible that he would have ended up doing more prison time-and prison after all is the only place where you are made to go to bed early!
Any comments?
20  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / NEW DIRECTORS CUT on: October 02, 2004, 04:44:27 PM
Would anyone like to comment on the rumors that producer Arnon Milchan has been talking to the  Leone estate about restoring the cut scenes of OUATIA for a directors cut of this great film.
21  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re:LIMO SCENE? on: October 02, 2004, 04:37:26 PM
I love this movie. Saw it first time around in the cinema and countless times since. One thing thing has always bothered me, the rape in the limo! Why? Yes, it add's to the NOODLES character because of what he is (and I'm no way excusing rape). But, why, in cinema terms does it go on so long! The guy driving the limo eventually stops and politly ejects NOODLES. The scene could have begun and ended several moments earlier with the same outcome. Never did get it? Embarrassed
Totally agree.  When the film had its Premiere at the Cannes film festival in 1984 Leone and De Niro came in for some strong criticism for the rape scenes-  After this De Niro then  refused to do any more publicity for the film (fuelling rumors director and star had a falling out over these scenes).  When De Niro gave an interview for the opening of the film Falling in Love months later - he talked about the Limo scene in OUATIA -"It made its point-but went on".
22  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re:Most memorable scene in this film? on: October 02, 2004, 04:08:24 PM
I like Leone's self parody scene with the exchange of glances as Noodles stirrs the coffee, taps the spoon, takes a sip then looks back at them all. It's a great moment of tension, right at the heart of the film. Everything is happening here because all eyes are on Noodles, they want him to be strong, a leader, and even the score Max, but it's not going to happen. The rape and departure scenes have just proceeded this one and we know (and Noodles knows), he has lost Deborah forever. Destined to a life smoking opium and going to bed early
 The stirring of the Coffee cup was invented on the set by De Niro as a sort of homage to previous Leone films.
23  Films of Sergio Leone / Once Upon A Time In America / Re: Mario Brega? on: October 02, 2004, 03:58:33 PM
He's the big hood of the three at the beginning where they shoot up the bed , beating up Fat Moe & he's also in the Chinese Theater searching for DeNiro, looks different without a beard, huh?
  Sorry - I think you may be wrong.  The big hood is an actor called Frank Gio - listed in the credits as Beefy.  I saw him recently in Analyze That - played De Niro gangster rival Lou The Wrench.
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