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November 15, 2018, 10:16:31 PM

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 : Today at 09:17:30 AM 
Sorry posted already 🙄😏

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 : Today at 08:56:44 AM 
noodles_leone - noodles_leone
I've finally found the guts to watch it after some relative of mine told me it was very bad. I like very bad movies as long as they are VERY bad and this one gets near to it, which is good for me. To be a very good bad movie it should have disposed completely of dialogues and let the action run, but probably that is not good policy especially with the female audience. And the citadel with the usual enslaved pleb has been seen a thousand times.   For once, though, we have a bunch of very good looking girls (I can't remember the last time a big budget movies showed as many); the CGI are very well made (but the pregnant belly is so evidently a fake, one can't help wonder how much the CGI have contributed to the loss of old crafts) and the action scenes are  all inventive and, as far as I can judge. I usually give this brainless crap when it is well-made and not boring 8/10 , but it's 9/10 for the pretty girls.

See? You aren't totally hopeless after all. You didn't get how much of a landmark this movie is, but I'm letting you go with a simple warning this time.

 : Today at 06:32:55 AM 
cigar joe - cigar joe
Eddie Muller's intro

Eddie Muller's afterword


 : Today at 05:19:00 AM 
titoli - mike siegel
This is easily explained. Morricone says he gave no interview "to Playboy." The guy who interviewed him is, apparently, a stringer. He freelances. He may not have told Morricone that he was planning to sell the interview to Playboy, may not even have had a deal in place at the time. Sounds to me like after the interview he shopped the piece around, and to generate interest he spiced up the quotes.

Happens. All. The. Time.

That's what happenend. Playboy confirmed it today and the guy wrote an apology (oh well). There was a time when Morricone criticized QT a little bit, which is all to ordinary when creatively working on projects. Also he was always quite open when talking about things he didn't fully embrace... So it's obvious the writer fell back on these old remarks, overdoing it to the maximum. Stupid.
I filmed all my interviews, (could - but wouldn't - put them in different context),  that way one can't deliver that kind of harm...

 : Today at 04:03:34 AM 
Novecento - greenbudgie
I'm jealous. I'm keeping an eye out for when I can get to see it over here. I'm sure there will be a blu-ray soon at least.

I notice that IMDb have got 2 release dates for this film in the US. 17th December and 27th December. Both dates are followed by (Fathom Events) in brackets. I don't know what Fathom Events are. But I hope you get to see it soon.

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 : Yesterday at 11:32:20 PM 
cigar joe - drinkanddestroy
Eddie Muller's intro

Eddie Muller's afterword

 : Yesterday at 04:55:32 PM 

Total joke hopefully “The Maestro” will sue Playboy & the writer!
Playboy hired this writer, remember they initially backed him (on this issue) only because of his past work with the publication.  It’s caused Morricone (and Tarantino) considerable embarrassment and arguably damaged Ms reputation. I mean folks were suggesting “The Maestro” had lossed the plot (and because of his age) was suffering from some sort of memory loss😏
F**k them & Sue them

 : Yesterday at 03:48:00 PM 
mike siegel - mike siegel
I doubt any cinematographer (or film maker for that matter) would want his film to look like this. A mess. I hope one day someone will clean this HD master from that awful overall green filter-look. That's why I included a scan of my 35mm print on the (new) German BD and the deluxe Japanese (3 BD - disc!) Blu-ray, so that people can see how the film looked back in 1977...

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