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January 22, 2020, 03:49:35 PM

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 : Today at 09:41:27 AM 
cigar joe - dave jenkins
Kino has a new blu out of the standard cut. I spun it last night and it looks pretty good, but nothing particularly special.  This is probably the first time I've seen the whole film--on balance I liked it,  especially the gratuitous cruelty of the Apaches (the scene where the braves rip out a victim's heart and pass it around as if playing catch impressed me a lot). CJ has mentioned the good bits with the settlers at the beginning. I like the fact that this is a men-on-a-mission movie and nothing gets in the way of it (no Rhonda Fleming appearance, for example). There is a certain logic to what both sides are trying to do. I was disappointed that at the end the Lancaster character could figure out what's going on and still wouldn't take steps to protect himself and his party--c'mon, the idea is to look like easy pickin's, not actually let yourself get killed. And the Bruce Davison character was just too programmatic to be believed. But as I say, on balance it's a good film.

UPDATE: doesn't like the transfer:

 : Today at 09:19:26 AM 
Leone Admirer - dave jenkins
As he explained when he came to MoMA one year, he's like a visiting mafioso in the Big Apple. The local capos will let him bring a few pictures in, but he can't run a full-fledged festival. If the capos want a festival, they'll run it themselves.

 : Today at 08:05:46 AM 
Leone Admirer - drinkanddestroy
He's desperate. There are no more films noir to discover and present, so he has to look for films abroad and re-brand them. I like Muller, and I've met him a couple times,  but he's a hustler.

I have no problem with foreign films. To the contrary, Id be happy to be introduced to them.

If, as you say, he needs to do something new, how about taking the estival to New York!

 : Today at 07:32:18 AM 
Leone Admirer - dave jenkins
Muller's festival this year will be comprised of foreign films
He's desperate. There are no more films noir to discover and present, so he has to look for films abroad and re-brand them. I like Muller, and I've met him a couple times,  but he's a hustler.

 : Today at 07:08:31 AM 
cigar joe - moorman
Better than expected.  Mitchum takes a well used plot and makes it work.  7 out of 10...

 : Yesterday at 08:47:50 PM 
Herry Grail - uncknown
SPAGHETTI WESTERNS was based on Frayling's doctorate.
It is pure academese.
If you want an intellectual discussion of OUTW, this is the book for you.
STSWD has tons of info on the film.
Between the 2 books above you learn almost all there is to know about this film

The new book is accurately described by our members.
You won't learn alot of new info, but but it's a visual feast.
Bruce Marshall

 : Yesterday at 10:11:07 AM 
Leone Admirer - drinkanddestroy
Muller's festival this year will be comprised of foreign films

 : Yesterday at 08:08:36 AM 
dave jenkins - dave jenkins

 : January 20, 2020, 08:30:26 AM 
PowerRR - PowerRR
Four more obscure Altmans:

Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976) - 7.5/10 (overlooked quasi-comedy)
Fool for Love (1985) - 8.5/10 (one of Altman's best movie-plays, especially as written by Sam Shepard)
The Laundromat (1985) - 8/10 (might be higher but the VHS rip I watched was piss poor quality)
Beyond Therapy (1987) - 4/10 (rightfully his worst movie, though more entertaining than the massively boring Gosford Park)

and -

1917 (2019) - 7/10. Pretty but shallow.

New York Stories (1987) - 5/10
Life Lessons - 8/10
Life Without Zoe - 2/10
Oedipus Wrecks - 6.5/10

Coppola's segment is soooo, so so bad.

 : January 20, 2020, 02:23:07 AM 
PowerRR - XhcnoirX
Some movies I watched recently... The Whisters in a cinema, the rest on blu-ray or DVD.

The Whistlers (2019): A police officer gets drawn into a gang by a femme fatale, to free her boyfriend from the police as well as find 2 mattresses full of cash. The gang operates out of a Spanish island and communicate by way of whistling (Silbo Gomero), which he first has to learn. Romanian neo-noir that works well and contains tons of references to classic movies. 7+/10

Murder Is My Business (1946): The first PRC Michael Shayne movie starring Hugh Beaumont. Shayne is asked by a wealthy old lady to investigative threatening letters she's been receiving. Soon after she's murdered and aside from the woman's family who despised her, Shayne also becomes a suspect. Not as entertaining as the Lloyd Nolan Shayne movies but pretty decent for a PRC movie. 6/10

The Third Secret (1964): A psychiatrist commits suicide but daughter Pamela Franklin believes its murder and together with one of his patients, Stephen Boyd, starts to investigate. Before too long Boyd isn't sure anymore it wasn't him who killed the man. Slow-burn thriller that picks up pace in the last act leading to a tragic (but not too surprising) conclusion. Franklin is fantastic, Boyd is miscast. 7/10

The Black Book aka Reign Of Terror (1949): Richard Basehart intends to grab absolute power during the French Revolution, while Robert Cummings and Arlene Dahl attempt to stop him. Not the strongest Anthony Mann/John Alton collaboration but it's still gorgeous to look at and highly entertaining. 7/10

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