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July 17, 2019, 01:31:51 AM

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 : Yesterday at 02:27:07 PM 
LITTLE BIG MAN - cigar joe

 : Yesterday at 12:56:44 PM 
LITTLE BIG MAN - dave jenkins
Gentlemen, will you share your work with your fellow board members? I would be happy to come to you if that would help make it possible. In fact, I just checked with my airline, and they've got a mileage awards flight I can afford departing this Saturday for Vancouver. Say the word, and I will be with you this weekend. (I hope that doesn't sound too scary).

 : Yesterday at 12:51:41 PM 
Giallofilms - dave jenkins
Now amazon is reporting a July 31 release date.
Now they're saying Aug. 14.

 : Yesterday at 07:08:16 AM 
LITTLE BIG MAN - dave jenkins
Wow, absolutely fabulous. Fantastic news. And man, the guy writing the article did a great job, too!

 : Yesterday at 06:53:59 AM 
cigar joe - stanton
Yeah, I made my own cut...

Tell us more ...

I have a lot of ideas what a perfect version should look like. I even think that some of the shoot-outs (especially the turkey chase shoot-out) should be cut differently, like such scenes are always cut in Peckinpah films.

 : Yesterday at 06:51:20 AM 
PowerRR - dave jenkins
Rip Torn passed away recently, so I thought I'd revisit one of his best starring roles:

Tropic of Cancer (1970) - Down and out and getting laid in Paris. Joseph Strick, having adapted Joyce's Ulysses, decided (I guess) to take on yet another literary challenge. It was a deft stroke to get Rip Torn for the part of Henry Miller. Torn usually does a lot of his acting with his eyes, but here a considerable amount of the performance has to be credited to his teeth. Was that makeup, or were his choppers really that ugly? There's a lot of female nudity in this film. An uncredited Ellen Burstyn shows up at the beginning and goes full frontal. It's not a bad as you might think--in fact, Ellen in 1969/1970 looked pretty good without clothes. She only turned dumpy later.

 : Yesterday at 06:46:28 AM 
cigar joe - mike siegel
Yeah, I made my own cut... (The 2005 cut was almost the one to go for, unfortunately
they made some terrible mistakes.). I don't think a lot about that film, it is all too sad:
the 2005 HD version was screened at the Berlin festival back then, yet it was never released
on Blu-ray... Warners just don't care. I could make a fine feature-length doc using
all the interviews I filmed + some nice ones from the film's set etc. etc.
I rather forget about it :).

 : July 15, 2019, 06:48:58 PM 
LITTLE BIG MAN - drinkanddestroy
Great stuff!

 Anyone here involved in this?  ;)

 : July 15, 2019, 05:25:24 PM 

 : July 15, 2019, 06:49:44 AM 
cigar joe - stanton
Going by the many previous discussions on this matter on this forum and others I think "most" might easily disagree  :)

Yeah, probably ...

... but wait for the Stanton cut!

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