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October 21, 2020, 08:20:01 PM

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 : Today at 05:38:17 PM 
Marco Leone - dave jenkins

 : Today at 09:23:23 AM 
dave jenkins - dave jenkins
Probably for Herzog cultists only:

 : Today at 09:17:09 AM 
dave jenkins - greenbudgie
Incident at Loch Ness is a lot of fun, but remember, it's essentially a parody.

Right. I'll be prepared. Sometimes it takes a time to feel where a mystery documentary is going. But if turns out to be a mockumentary then I shall be in there right from the beginning. Thanks.

 : Today at 08:48:46 AM 
dave jenkins - dave jenkins
Incident at Loch Ness is a lot of fun, but remember, it's essentially a parody.

 : Today at 07:30:53 AM 
noodles_leone - noodles_leone
New trailer, the story is becoming clearer now:

And gorgeous BTS pics:

 : Today at 02:05:53 AM 
dave jenkins - greenbudgie
There's some lovely examples of his talent for atmospheric scenery on this thread. That's what I've always admired about his films. A mystery movie that he appeared in is 'Incident at Loch Ness' (2004). I want to see that and four other mysteries he was involved in, in some capacity.

 : Yesterday at 06:27:09 PM 
dave jenkins - dave jenkins
Probably for Herzog cultists only:

 : October 19, 2020, 04:07:24 PM 
HEX - dave jenkins
Again, an earlier Blu-ray release from Universal is acknowledged, but no attempt at comparison is made:

 : October 19, 2020, 02:08:35 AM 
PowerRR - noodles_leone
Gone Girl (2014) 8/10
6th, 7th viewing? Not the best Fincher film, definitely the most fun since at least Panic Room (if not Fight Club).

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) 6.5/10
Brilliant dialogues, a lot of strong scenes. As it's now almost a clich? to say, Sorkin as a director lacks cinematic flair... but he's doing much better here than in his previous effort. What's more worrying, though, and is unlilely to be fixed in his future work, is some real taste issue: he has a tendency to gravitate toward 90's TV shows and theater play cheesiness, which deeply hurts key scenes of the movie. For instance: the soundtrack ranges from mediocre to terrible.

 : October 18, 2020, 11:23:45 AM 
titoli - titoli
La femme du boulanger (1938) French comedy is specialized in bitter-SWEET stories (the italian ones preferring BITTER-sweet ones) and this was an early example. It actually should be titled The wife of Raimu, because  the actor towers over it all from start to end. But the basic story, though it has its moments, lacks credibility because the character of the wife lacks substance. She's young and married to a baker who's double her age, not satisfying her sexually and she abandons him him first chance for a shepherd younger and fit. So why does she comes back to him? Because the lover is a God fearing italian, who's afraid of the priest come to the rescue of the lost sheep and runs away. Ridiculous. And not only nowadays but even at that time. I haven't read the original novel and not intend to check whether this was a finale devised for the stage  and movie adaptation. But it just doesn't work. Still, as said, the movie is worth watching for the way Raimu renders the reaction of the cuckold through many different emotional stages. 7/10     

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