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November 22, 2017, 12:11:41 AM
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 on: Yesterday at 05:55:12 PM 
Started by titoli - Last post by cigar joe
Black Market Babies

Directed by  Joseph M. Newman (711 Ocean Drive (1950), Dangerous Crossing (1953), The Twilight Zone (TV Series)). Written by Irwin Gielgud (original screenplay), and William Bowers (additional dialogue). Cinematography by William H. Daniels (Brute Force (1947), Lured (1947), The Naked City (1948), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958).

The film Stars Dennis O'Keefe (The Leopard Man (1943), T-Men (1947), Raw Deal (1948), Walk a Crooked Mile (1948), Woman on the Run (1950)), Gale Storm (My Little Margie (TV Series)), Marjorie Rambeau, Raymond Burr (twelve classic Film Noir), Will Kuluva, Jeff Chandler (Johnny O'Clock (1947), Female on the Beach (1955), The Tattered Dress (1957), ), Meg Randall (Criss Cross (1949)), Jeanette Nolan (The Big Heat (1953), and Mike Mazurki (Murder, My Sweet (1944), Nightmare Alley (1947), I Walk Alone (1948), Night and the City (1950)).

Paula (Storm) lt. Mark (O'Keefe)

Moving along at a good pace Abandoned makes use of numerous Los Angeles' locations. The iconic LA City Hall looms ominously. A young woman Paula Considine (Storm) arrives at the Missing Persons Detail in search of her missing older sister and her baby. There she meets reporter Mark Sitko (O'Keefe) who takes it upon himself to assist her, it doesn't hurt that she is cute. Stiko spots a man tailing her who turns out to be a PI named Kerric (Burr).

P.I. Kerric (Burr)

When Paula and Mark check the morgue's Jane Doe's they find her sister but not the baby. Through various channels, old newspaper articles and various tips they discover a black market baby racket that is protected by the mob.

Mark (O'Keefe), Paul (Storm), Kerric (Burr)

Their next stop is the "Sally Ann" the Salvation Army where they discover that her sister was there, and after talking to one of her acquaintances discover that she hooked up with a woman who promised that she would find a home for her baby. Going to the district attorney they get the assistance of Chief MacRae (Chandler).

Marjorie Rambeau

Will Kuluva


O'keefe & Chandler

Gale Storm is quite adequate as the girl from Beaver Brook searching for her sister. Dennis O'Keefe, comes off as your typical Film Noir hero. Chandler is good but underused as the D. A. Baby racket head, Marjorie Rambeau will remind you of Margaret Dumont. Will Kuluva, is mobster Little Guy Decola who bestows protection to the scheme with Mike Mazurki his enforcer. Raymond Burr, is in his trademark "heavy" role as a sleazy private dick, but it's interesting to note the Mazurki is even bigger than Burr.

Its an entertaining film especially if you are not expecting much, there is a restored version out there an acquaintance claims to have seen a gorgeous restoration of Abandoned at the Palm Springs film noir festival a couple of years ago. What's holding up it's distribution? The screencaps are from a multigenerational avi file. 6.5-7/10.

 on: Yesterday at 05:25:30 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

Uncle Harry (1945)

Undercover Man (The) (1949)

+)Undercurrent (1946)

Underworld (1927)

The Underworld Story (1950)

+)Underworld U.S.A. (1961)

+)Unfaithful (The) (1947)

+)Union Station (1950)

Unknown Man (The) (1951)

+) Unsuspected (The) (1947)


+)Verdict (The)

+)Vicky (1953)

The Wages of Fear (1953)

+)Web (The) (1947)

When Strangers Marry (1944)

+)Where Danger Lives (1951)

+)Where The Sidewalk Ends (1950)

While The City Sleeps (1956)

+)White Heat (1949)

+)Window (The) (1949)

+)Whirlpool (1940)

+)Whistle Stop (1945)

+)Witness To Murder (1954)

+)Woman in Hiding (1950)

+)Woman In The Window (The) (1945)

+)Woman on Pier 13 (The) (1949)

+)Woman On The Run (1950)

World For Ransom (1954)

+)Wrong Man (The) (1956)

You Only Live Once (1937)

+)Young Man With A Horn (1950)

 on: Yesterday at 05:24:32 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

+)T-Men (1947)

Talk About a Stranger (1952)

+)Tattered Dress (The) (1957)

+)Tattooed Stranger (The) (1950)

+)Tension (1949)

+)They Drive By Night (1940)

+)They Live By Night (1948)

+)They Made Me A Fugitive (1947)

+)They Wont Believe Me (1947)

+)Thieves Highway (1949)

Thief (The) (1952)

+)Third Man (The) (1949)

Thirteenth Letter (The) (1951)

+)This Gun For Hire (1942)

+)This Woman Is Dangerous (1952)

+)Three Strangers (1946)

+)Threat (The) (1949)

Thunderbolt (1929)

+)Tight Spot (1955)

+)Time Table )1957)

+)Too Late For Tears (1949)

+)Tomorrow Is Another Day (1951)

+)Touch Of Evil (1958)

+) Touchez Pas au Grisbi (1954)

+)Trapped (1949)

+)Turning Point (The) (1952)

+)Two Men In Manhattan (Deux Hommes Dans Manhattan) (1959)

+)Two Mrs. Carrols (The) (1947)

 on: Yesterday at 05:23:00 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

+)Scandal Sheet (1952)

+)Scarf (The) (1951)

+) Scarlet Street (1945)

Scene of the Crime (1949)

Scoundrel (The) (1935)

Screaming Mimi (1958)

Second Woman (The) (1951)

Sellout (The) (1952)

+)Set-Up (The) (1949)

+)711 Ocean Drive (1950)

Shadow Of a Doubt (1943)

+)Shadow On The Wall (1950)

+)Shakedown (1950)

+)Shanghai Gesture (The) (1941)

+)Shield For Murder (1954)

+)Side Street (1949)

+)Sirocco (1951)

+)Sleeping City (The) (1950)

+)Sleep My Love (1948)

+)Slightly Scarlet (1956)

+)Sniper (The)(1952)

So Dark the Night (1946)

+)Somewhere in the Night (1946)

+)Sound of Fury (The) (1950)

Southside 1-1000 (1950)

+)Sorry Wrong Number (1948)

Split Second (1953)

+) Stakeout On Dope Street (1958)

+) Steel Trap (The) (1952)

+) Storm Fear (1955)

Storm Warning (1951)

Strange Illusion (1945)

+)Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

Stranger (The) (1946)

Stranger On The Third Floor (1940)

+)Strangers On A Train (1951)

+)Stray Dog (1949)

+)Street Of Chance (1942)

+)Street With No Name (1948)

Strip (The) (1951)

+)Sudden Fear (1952)

Suddenly (1954)

+)Suspense (1946)

+)Sunset Boulevard (1950)

+)Sweet Smell Of Success (1957)

 on: Yesterday at 05:20:33 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

+)Odd Man Out (1947)

+)Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)

+)On Dangerous Ground (1952)

+)Ossessione (1943)

Other Woman (The) (1954)

+)Out Of The Past (1947)


+)Panic In The Streets (1950)

Party Girl (1958)

People Against O'Hara (The) (1951)

+)Phantom Lady (The) (1944)

+)Phenix City Story (The)

+)Pickup on South Street (1953)

+)Pitfall (1948)

+)Plunder Road (1957)

Pool of London  (1951)

+)Possessed (1947)

+)Postman Always Rings Twice (The) (1946)

Pretender (The) (1947)

+)Private Hell 36 (1954)

+)Prowler (The) (1951)

+)Pushover (1954)


+)Quicksand (1950)

Racket (The) (1928)

+)Racket (The) (1951)

+)Railroaded (1947)

+)Raw Deal (1948)

Reckless Moment (The) (1949)

+) Red House (The) (1947)

+)Red Light (1949)

+)Ride The Pink Horse (1947)

+)Roadbock (1951)

Road House (1948)

Rogue Cop (1954)

+)Rope of Sand (1949)

 on: Yesterday at 05:19:27 PM 
Started by Groggy - Last post by Moorman
I'm gonna purchase this.  I've heard that it was great, and i've heard that its overrated. I will see...

 on: Yesterday at 05:19:15 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

M (1951)

+)Macao (1952)

+)Madonnas Secret (1946)

+) Maltese Falcon (The) (1941)

+)Man From Cairo (The)

Manhandled (1949)

+)Man Trap (1961)

Man Who Cheated Himself (The) (1951)

+)Mask Of Dimitrios (The) (1944)

+)Mildred Pierce (1945)

+)Ministry Of Fear (1945)

Mob (The) (1951)

+)Moonrise (1949)

+)Moontide (1942)

Mr. Arkadin (1955)

+)Murder by Contract (1958)

Murder Is My Beat (1955)

+)Murder My Sweet (1944)

+)My Gun Is Quick (1957)

My Name Is Julia Rose (1945)

+)Mystery Street (1950)


+)Naked Alibi (1954)

+)Naked City (The) (1948)

+)Naked Dawn (The) (1955)

+)Narrow Margin (The) (1952)

+)New York Confidential (1955)

+)Niagara (1953)

+)Night And The City (1950)

+)Night Editor (1946)

+)Nightfall (1957)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

+)Night Holds Terror (The) (1955)

Nightmare (1956)

Nightmare Alley (1947)

Night Runner (The) (1957)

+)99 River Street (1953)

Nobody Lives For Ever (1946)

Nocturne (1946)

+)No Man Of Her Own (1950)

+)No Orchids For Miss Blandish (1948)

+)No Questions Asked (1951)

Nora Prentiss (1947)

Notorious (1946)

+)No Way Out (1950)

 on: Yesterday at 05:18:10 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

+)Kansas City Confidential (1952)

+)Key Largo (1948)

Killer is Loose (The) (1956)

+)Killers (The) (1946)

+)Killer's Kiss (1955)

+)Killer That Stalked New York (1951)

+)Killing (The) (1956)

+) Kiss Before Dying (A) (1956)

+)Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

+)Kiss of Death (1947)

+)Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950)

Kiss The Blood Off My Hands (1948)

Knock On any Door (1949)


Lady From Shanghai (1948)

+)Lady in the Lake (1947)

Lady on a Train (1945)

+) Lady Without Passport (A) (1950)

+)Laura (1944)

+)Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Letter (The) (1940)

+)Lineup (The) (1958)

Loan Shark (1952)

+)Locket (The) (1947)

+) Long Night (The) (1947)

+)Loophole (1954)

 on: Yesterday at 05:17:15 PM 
Started by cigar joe - Last post by cigar joe

Harder They Fall (The) (1956)

+)Hatful Of Rain (A) (1957)

+)Hell's Half Acre (1954)

+)Hell's Island (1955)

+)He Ran All the Way (1951)

+)He Walked By Night (1949)

+)High Sierra (1941)

+)High Wall (1947)

+)Highway 301 (1950)

+) Highway Dragnet (1954)

+) His Kind Of Woman (1951)

+)Hitch-Hiker (The) (1953)

+)Hollow Triumph (1948)

+)Hoodlum (The) (1951)

House Of Bamboo (1955)

+)House Of Strangers (1949)

House on 92nd Street (1945)

+)House on Telegraph Hill (1951)

+)Human Desire (1954)

+)Hunt The Man Down (1950)


+)In A Lonely Place (1950)

I died A Thousand Times (1955)

+)Illegal (1955)

+)I Married A Communist (1949)

+)Impact (1949)

Inferno (1953)

+)I, The Jury (1953)

+)I Wake Up Screaming (1942)

+)I Walk Alone (1948)

I Was a Communist For The F.B.I. (1951)

I Wouldn't Be In Your Shoes (1948)


+)Jeopardy (1953)

+)Johnny Angel (1945)

+)Johnny Eager (1942)

+)Johnny O'Clock (1946)

+)Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949)

+)Journey Into Fear (1943)

 on: Yesterday at 05:16:29 PM 
Started by dave jenkins - Last post by Moorman
Thanx for the write up spikeopath... I can't wait to see this...

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