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 : Today at 02:28:03 PM 
T.H. - dave jenkins

 : Today at 09:16:39 AM 
Kurugen - PowerRR
Well, I pre-ordered the collector's set anyways. Here's to hoping it'll play on my player.

 : Yesterday at 02:51:31 PM 
cigar joe - moorman
SILENZIO was not filmed in 1967.

It was released in 1968 but filmed in 1967. Alex Cox says it was filmed in 1967,   Cox spoke with Vonetta Mcgee about The Great Silence AND directed her in Repo Man. If anyone knows when The Great Silence was filmed,  it has to be Alex Cox...

 : Yesterday at 02:27:53 PM 
PowerRR - dave jenkins
Knife in the Water (1962) - 7/10. I always forget how good this film is. I guess because the plot is so simple I just always assume there's nothing more to discover/rediscover on a re-watch. Not so. This time I paid a lot of attention to all the "business" the actors had to do to look like real sailors and they really pulled it off. I'm pretty sure everybody did all their own stunts, too. Where would you go these days to find actors who can do more than "act"? Not Hollywood.

 : Yesterday at 02:05:50 PM 
cigar joe - mike siegel
SILENZIO was not filmed in 1967.

 : Yesterday at 01:34:28 PM 
cigar joe - Novecento
... and the story is not what makes Une Corde un colt so unique, but the directing. And here makes Hossein his own thing.

That is absolutely the case (regardless of how valid the other comments above may or may not be)

 : Yesterday at 11:47:54 AM 
cigar joe - stanton
That's all too vague for me. The similarities are all nothing special, things you don't need to steal from others.

And that a director gets his ideas from a script from an unreleased film is ... well ... extremely vague.

I have watched all 3 films quite often, and I never got the feeling to watch a clone from the other 2 films.

And btw plots are anyway not that important, and the story is not what makes Une Corde un colt so unique, but the directing. And here makes Hossein his own thing.

 : Yesterday at 09:49:36 AM 
Kurugen - PowerRR
Awesome! But I wonder if the 4K UHD disc will be region free.... I think most of them are. It looks like the Blu-Ray is labeled as being Region B though.

If so it's a Day 1 purchase, this used to be my favorite film ever and I haven't seen it in ages. Certainly would still be Top 10.

 : Yesterday at 09:26:28 AM 
cigar joe - moorman
I don't see much connections to TGS, neither to FAFDM.

And btw it was most liekly already shot in 68. In several books Une corde, un Colt is named as a 68 film, which indicates that the film was shot that year.

The release date is only about half a year after TGS in May 69.

Clint smoked LOTS of cigars. There is hardly a scene that Manuel isn't puffing on one.  Clint joined Indio's gang under the guise of helping them by breaking their gang member out of jail.  Manuel joined the Rogers gang under the guise of helping them in that bar. Clint had a wrist cuff which was his signature. Manuel had a glove which was his signature.  Robert even threw in a musical watchbox.

The Great Silence was filmed in 1967.  Robert had almost a year to find out what that script was all about.   Both have a widow that hires someone to get revenge. Both have themes of dark tones with no winners.  Both have the widow die. Both have the protagonist die at the end.  The only thing different that Robert did was SEPERATE the widow's death from Manuel's.  I think its clear that Robert got his ideas from both Leone and Corbucci.

 : Yesterday at 07:21:50 AM 
PowerRR - noodles_leone
Kinda the point of the movie, no?

American takes on this approach include Albert Brooks' Modern Romance and Noah Baumbach's Greenberg, both of which play for comedy, but of a particularly ferocious kind. Personally, I can't get enough of this type of film.

It's kind of the point, but it gets too far for me: the guy is nothing but a total jerk and nothing he ever says or does shows anything good about him. He's just rude, egoistical, uninteresting, and worst than all of this, a complete moron. Now, I know how autobiographical the movie is (which was the reason for a lot of conflict between Yanne and Pialat on set), and it turns out that real life Pialat was exactly as uninteresting as Jean Yanne is in it, although Pialat was at least a great artist, something the character obviously isn't. I'm all for films about weak and broken human characters, but I always have trouble when they're just complete morons. Hey, in the end, I was still sad for the character, I've always thought that very few things in life are sadder than a dying (true) love.

Nice piece of trivia: Jean Yanne didn't like his performance at all in the movie. It was one of his first serious roles (if not the very first one) and he was highly praised by the intelligentsia; he even got the best actor price in Cannes (which is pretty much a given in France - Cannes or a french academy award - for a known comedian's first serious film). Yanne often told about that particular film critic who praised his performance talking about a particular scene and who told that the way Yanne had his head down during the whole scene (a car scene, towards the ending I think) and how great that was because you could feel all the pain of the character without him showing too much... Turns out he had his head down because he had to read his lines the whole scene long.

About Baumach: I've only seen The Meyerowitz Stories, which I quite liked but still found a bit weak, with great potential. How come you're not a big Woody Allen fan?
I have to say I'm still on the Nouvelle Vague take on this kind of movies. You've got to be a patriot somewhere.


Hereditary 8.5/10
At last! An horror movie that turns out to be an actual movie too. Easily the horror film of the decade, despite (very) few weaker moments.
The mise en scene is remarkably self confident, radical and effective for a filmmaker nobody knows.

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