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: I giorni dell'ira aka Day of Anger (1967)  ( 41575 )

« #90 : December 23, 2017, 02:57:03 PM »

Day Of Anger (1967)

Ok watched it through today and got to say it was a good flick, not Leone but Valerii learned very well (Leones Assitant Driector for AFFOD and FAFDM.)

I'm always leary of non Leone SW's but this one passed my test. Wild East DVD

Time, Doc Holliday is dead (Doc passed in 1887) so that puts this at least in the 1890's. The place the Southwest, near the Mexican border, a town called Clifton. Its mentioned in the early scenes that gunplay is now quite rare, the west is getting tame. Scott (Gemma) is a bastard orphan, he works at the livery stable, sweeps up, and makes the rounds of the town in the morning with a barrel cart for the emptying of the night's chamber pots the "sh*t detail". He's treated horribly by the bigwigs of the town, low on the totem pole.  

The old owner of the stable treats him well and has told him stories of the OK Corral and shown him the art of the quick draw which he practices with a wooden gun and an old holster tied on his hip with a rope.

Talby an ex outlaw (Lee Van Cleef) rides into town and stops to talk with Scott as he is sweeping. He asks about a hotel and a stable and Scott gives him the info. Talby likes the kid and he offers Scott a dollar if he'd stable his horse. Tells him to come over to the saloon to pick up the dollar when he's done.

Scott showing up at the Saloon angers the owner and the patrons. Talby defends him and shoots down one of the more beligerant ones after he tries to throw down on him. Talby is cleared at an inquest and leaves for a border town caled Bowie. Gemma gets on is mule and follows, in the desert Talby gets the drop on Scott and tells him that if he wants to learn the art of the gunslinger he's got to learn a few lessons.

In Bowie, Talby is looking for Wild Jack (Al Mulock) his old partner, seems as if Murdock and Talby pulled off a job in Abilene that netted $100,000 Talby got caught and served time and Mulock got screwed by his associates who were supposed to provide alibis and launder the money, these associates are all now respectable citizens of Clifton, its similar in plot to Death Rides a Horse in that respect. Wild Jack sends his men to ambush Talby after he fingers his associates but ends up shooting it out and getting killed by Talby.

Van Cleef plays sort of a cross between Angel Eyes and Col. Mortimer. He dresses in the last half of the film exactly like Mortimer, but he's a cold hearted killer like Angel Eyes with one difference he got a vengfull mean streak. He comes back to Clifton and with Scott in appreticeship proceeds to take over the town by blackmail and killing.  

Vallerii does a great job with everthing, the smallest details of the sets are great, his town sets are a bit more prosperous and cleaner looking than Leones, more fresh paint and a lot of red interiors. You even see Marisol's small house set from AFFOD used as a ranch house. The soundtrack is not Morricone, more traditional Hollywood but acceptable.

Van Cleef plays his badass old man master gunfrighter self to a "T", you wont be disapointed to add this to your collection, Gemma is good as Van Cleefs apprentice back to turn the tables on his old oppressors, there are no false notes in the story.

On the Plus side there is also a good interview with Gemma in the extras that adds to your knowledge of the SW genre and the times they were made. Also a comparison of location shots using short clips from the film followed by a what it looks like today's still.

Worth getting, if you like Van Cleef. Try Amazon first before Wild East.

Excellent write up. I saw this i believe, on a bad copy packaged with a ton of American Westerns. It had this and a bad copy of Death Rides a Horse. It also had a bad copy of The Big Gundown that i never paid any attention to because of it.  I went ahead and watched Day of Anger, and it was a pretty good movie.  You pretty much covered everything in your review above.  I'm gonna purchase a special edition 3 disc set from Amazon...

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« #91 : December 24, 2019, 08:19:38 AM »

just watched the "long" version and boy, was it long (i suspect the International version is an improvement)

Last week it was raining and I saw Day of Anger listed on either Prime or Netflix, actually stated the run time of like 114 minutes but the version shown was the 96 minute version I saw in theaters back in 1970.

So who knows what the additional "international" scenes show ???

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