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: The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones (1966)  ( 3277 )
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« : April 21, 2012, 05:02:23 AM »

Director: Alex March, Stars: Robert Horton, Diane Baker, Royal Dano, Garry Merrill (Where The Sidewalk Ends), Harry Dean Stanton, and Sal Mineo. A TV movie.

I always like Robert Horton but mostly on the TV venues "Wagon Train" (1957-1962) and his own starring role in "A Man Called Shenandoah" (1965-66) in that last show two buffalo hunters find a stranger (Horton) who has been shot. Thinking he may have a price on his head, they take him to town. Although he is not a wanted man when he comes around he cannot remember who he his. He is suffering from amnesia. Calling himself Shenandoah he wanders the West trying to find his real identity. I liked this TV show because of its ever changing locations and characters that Horton meets up with on his roaming. I've always had a preference to these type of Westerns over the town bound offerings.

Check out "A Man Called Shenandoah's" cool snowbound title sequence here, his bear skin is reminiscent of both the Man With No Name's pancho & John McCabe in "McCabe & Mrs. Miller" and scenes from "The Great Silence":

Anyway back to the film:

Started watching this last night on TCM it was a very "geen" Western, premise was Horton rides up to a homestead to get a drink of water from a well. He finds two men shackled to barn posts and a dead man covered over with a blanket . A marshal (Merrill) appears getting the drop on Horton thinking he is one of Mineo's gang. The marshal has the "fever" so he deputizes Horton to help him and they begin the transport of the prisoners to Fort Smith. Diane Baker plays a schoolmarm type (Baker) that the group comes across out on the prairie. I honestly fell asleep watching this soon after the group meets Baker. Mineo is playing the "Billy The Kid Type" character. Here is a better review from IMDb

27 October 2011 | by (gidmadrid) (United States)
I saw this movie the same night that ABC was broadcasting Clint Walker's the Bounty Man. They both have the same plot of a man taking outlaws in with bounty hunters on their trail. This is the superior effort because it tries for something different. After years of seeing the Cartwright boys on Bonanza and Barkley's on the Big Valley, risking their lives to help the law just because it was the right thing to do, it is refreshing to see Robert Horton's character refuse to take the responsibility of taking in Sal Mineo's Billy-The-Kid inspired character and Nehemiah Persoff's wife killer because it isn't his job. His refusal is realistic. Gary Merrill's dying sheriff basically shames him into taking the job by pointing out that if they just let Mineo's psychotic outlaw go he'll be free to kill again. The people Horton's Kiowa Jones character meet such as Diane Baker who is presented as unglamorous as possible are equally reluctant to help out. When Kiowa Jones is forced to kill, he is genuinely upset over the killing of fellow human beings. Highly unusual for the TV or the movies, where the hero kills and never seems to think twice about it. Across the Great Divide with Kirk Douglass and Hang'em High with Clint Eastwood trod the same territory as the Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, but the Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones is a cooler title. Some folks might be put off by the standard locations such as Vasquez Rocks, yep those leaning rocks that Cheyenne, Maverick, Roy Rogers movie and every other western seemed to take place, but if you can get past that, you're in for a great movie. Highly recommended.

Now supposedly there is a gunfight in the pouring rain in this film but i missed it, based on what I've seen of I'll give it an initial 5/10

« : April 21, 2012, 05:07:14 AM cigar joe »

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« #1 : April 25, 2012, 10:32:04 AM »

  Never heard of this before, but I'll check it out after reading your review.

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