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: The movie's biggest flaws/your pet peeves?  ( 33457 )
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« #105 : January 31, 2014, 08:52:33 AM »

As it stands the only useful extra information in the synagogue scene is where the secretary says:

"I mean, there was a time limit for this. It's up. Unclaimed caskets went to the Bronx..."

To me this signifies that the synagogue isn't saying we're closing the cemetery, hard luck, do something with the remains of your loved ones.

To me it's more likely that the synagogue is giving relatives advance notification of the relocation and giving them the opportunity to voice their objections and to let the synagogue know if they would prefer reinterment at a different cemetery.

I can see how, without this scene and based solely upon Noodles' conversation with Fat Moe, a different interpretation is possible.

I've not seen any evidence that the scene was filmed and it may conflict with other scenes in the released version of the movie. In the movie the synagogue doesn't look active, there's a notice fixed to the wall outside that as of Jan 1 services will be held at 159 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, kids are playing outside and there's graffiti on the wall. In the script the synagogue is active, two people are at their prayers, the secretary is putting up a poster announcing the next Bnai Brith meeting and Noodles follows the secretary through a side doorway into a messy office full of filing cabinets.


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« #106 : January 31, 2014, 11:11:11 AM »

However, with Leone, of course, it's never just about story. It's about the artwork. The filming, the music, the construction, the production design, etc. etc. Therefore, even if that scene is unnecessary to explain the plot, that doesn't mean the movie wouldn't be better without it... And who knows, maybe one day, if we really get ALL the deleted scenes, we'll know for sure  :)
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