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cigar joe:
A new index comprising Gangster Films:


+) Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)


+) The Black Hand (2017)

+) Beast Of The City (1932)

+) Billy Bathgate (1991)

+) Bullets or Ballots (1936)


+) City Streets (1931)


+) Dead End (1937)

+) Dillinger (1973)

+) Doorway To Hell (1930)



+) Godfather (The) (1972)

+) Goodfellas (1990)


+) The Irishman (2019)


+) Kill The Irishman (2011)


+) Little Caesar (1931)

+) Live By Night (2016/2017)


+) Public Enemies (2009)

+) Public Enemy (The) (1931)


+) Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond (The) (1960)

+) Roaring Twenties (The) (1939)


+) Scarface (1932)

+) Smart Money (1931)

The Secret Six


+) Underworld (1927)



+) White Heat (1949)


cigar joe:
Great intro Book to Crime Film Genre

I recently read The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies by George Anastasia and Glen Macnow http://www.amazon.com/The-Ultimate-Book-Gangster-Movies/dp/B00C0229SW

They rank the greatest gangster films 1-100. Good fun, a nice rundown of gangster movies (though I thought the "Repeated Viewing Quotient" was pretty stupid)

I'm not gonna quibble with their rankings or with what they consider to be gangster films, cuz there are 100 films in the list and we'll be here all day if I started quibbling with that stuff.
All I will argue with is, there are some films that don't appear in the book at all, or appear in the various honorable mentions-type lists but not in the main Top 100 list, that IMO belong in the top 100. If I recall correctly, the following films appear in various honorable mentions-type lists in the book: Breathless, Touchez Pas au Grisbi, Le Cercle Rouge, [ Gun Crazy. If you consider these gangster films, then they definitely belong in top 100.

the first-ever gangster film:

The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kG5hbpL8Njo

anyone catch TNT's new series Mob City?

I saw the first double-episode (they show two episodes at a time, so it's two hours at a time), it's about the organized crime in LA in the late 40's; headed by Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen under him; there are parallel stories with the mob and with the cops trying to catch them, and of course many cops are corrupt and on the mob's payroll. Production looks pretty with the sets and cars and costumes and machine guns etc. etc. But IMO the acting rangers from average to bad; in the first double episode, IMO there were exactly three actors who delivered good performances: Robert Knepper, Milo Ventimiglia and the lovely Alexa Davalos.
Mark Isham does the music; there are lots of songs sung in nightclubs (like you'll hear the song in the background during a scene, and then they'll cut to a scene with some characters in a nightclub watching a performance of that song, so it's like the music is partially "internal" (not sure if Isham composed original songs or if he is re-arranging songs of the period).

There's one scene that takes place in '45 or '47 where some Cagney mimics Cagney "top of the world" - White Heat didn't come out till 1949

If you're interested, you can watch that first double episode here http://www.tntdrama.com/series/mob-city/?SR=Mob_City_tv
New double episode on TNT Wednesday.

The story thus far is pretty good, a nice amount of suspense/mystery/twists. But it's just not done well, and as I said, the acting is bad, so it's not terribly fun to watch.

I'll probably give it one more shot by watching Wednesday's episodes, but that's all – if things don't get drastically better, I am done. And frankly, I'm not expecting them to - how good can it get with a cast that is crap other than two people? IMO, in the next episode, they should kill off everyone besides Ventimiglia and Davalos and continue the show with the two of them as leads ;)


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