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Destination Murder (1950)



Destination Murder (1950)

Cast, courtesy of imdb

Joyce Mackenzie    ...   Laura Mansfield
    Stanley Clements    ...   Jackie Wales
    Hurd Hatfield    ...   Stretch Norton
    Albert Dekker    ...   Armitage
    Myrna Dell    ...   Alice Wentworth
    James Flavin    ...   Police Lt. Brewster
    John Dehner    ...   Frank Niles
    Richard Emory    ...   Police Sgt. Mulcahy
    Norma Vance    ...   Fran, Inebriated Lady
    Suzette Harbin    ...   Harriett, Nightclub Maid

6/10 This film is the definition of a noir B-Picture: Looks like it cost 5 cents to make, with ridiculous characters, and not a single actor or actress that you have ever heard of before? Well, this one is it. And guess what -- despite how cheap crappy and ridiculous this is, there is something that keeps you laughing, maybe just cuz of how ridiculous it is, that I can tell you it wasn't the worst 72 minutes I've ever spent  ;) 


PLOT SYNOPSIS: Jackie Wales is a messenger boy, who is paid $2000 by a crime boss named Armitage, to kill a businessman named Arthur Mansfield.
After carrying out the murder, he meets Mansfield's pretty daughter Laura, and -- thinking he is in the clear-- he begins dating her; but unbeknownst to him, Laura is dating him only because she is frustrated by the slow pace of the police investigation into her father's murder, and has decided to do some investigating herself.

Wales quickly blows his money and grows desperate for more cash; so he hatches a plan -- with the help of Armitage's spiteful girlfriend Alice -- to blackmail Armitage for more cash.

cigar joe:
Directed by Edward L. Cahn with Joyce Mackenzie, Stanley Clements, Hurd Hatfield, Albert Decker, and John Dehner you know its a low budget film when the only stars you really know (Decker and Dehner) have essentially bit parts. Entertaining enough for a cheapie and Hatfield has a memorable death scene 6.5/10

Here is the dependable bmacv from IMDb

Watchable, but don't waste a videotape

Author: bmacv from Western New York
22 January 2001

If you find yourself up all some stormy Tuesday night with a bad cold, this movie may be just the thing to go with your hot toddy. It's a grade C or maybe D movie with a couple of good lines, plot twists and not-too-bad performances. A young(ish) lady home from college witnesses her father's murder by a delivery boy; when the police don't move fast enough for her, she turns sleuth herself. Most remarkable is Hurd Hatfield (the charmless star of The Picture of Dorian Gray five years earlier and virtually the only recognizable name in the cast), now come to this poverty-row sump of the movie industry. Destination Murder qualifies as film noir, but just barely; Noir can be cheap, but it's usually a little better than this.

I saw the movie for a second time, on TCM Noir Alley, and I gotta say that my earlier 6/10 rating is way off. Yeah, it is a really cheap B movie, the artistic qualities may be a 6/10 or less, but the movie is great fun. And that's what noir often is. Cheap crap that's fun. Movies are about entertainment, regardless of what n_l says. This gets a 7/5/10  :)

Eddie Muller's intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HbDfJrsaTQ


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